White Plains Parking Ticket – Know More

Known for its busy and hustling nature, White Plains is a city located in New York, United States of America. One of the basic things that everyone who visits White Plains should know is its stringent traffic and parking norms. Therefore, it is vital to know the system of a parking ticket, how it is levied, on what conditions and how to avoid this situation. Like all other places in the US and around the world, parking isn’t such a big issue. People usually just park a few doors besides their destination. However, this is not the case for White Plains where there are certain rules even for parking. The statement,” Parking is never so tedious”, can be said once a person has been to White Plains, United States of America. The rules of parking, traffic rules and regulations have to be noted well to drive around the city without any hassle. Let us know ‘White Plains Parking Ticket’.

White Plains Parking Ticket

How to avoid a parking ticket at white plains?

To avoid a ticket at White Plains, these are the things one must keep in mind. When you purchase your ticket for parking for a given period, you’re supposed to wrap up your errand in that time itself. At the most, you will be allotted a grace period of about five minutes that you can use for removing your vehicle from that assigned parking space. 

If you ignore this notice and come late, you will be given a penalty for overtime usage of the parking premises. If this incident occurs on any main road or the important locations of the town, you will be charged higher. For small street roads and other non-mainstream roads, the penalty will be charged but will be lesser. Every parking sign hence will carry important details that you need to make a note of like the parking time etc. 

If any sign isn’t visible you need to call the helpline number and get in touch regarding it. To escape this hassle of parking and its tickets, you can always switch over to more convenient means of transportation like the bus, rail and metro services that White Plains offers. This article highlights the ways to avoid getting a parking ticket, the methods you will have to follow to pay off an existing ticket and much more. 

General rules regarding parking in White Plains and its violation-

  • You will be charged $25 for parking overtime on high traffic or a mainstream road in the city. 
  • If you park over time in a slow or less crowded place in the city you will be charged just $10. 
  • In case you feel that you have been issued a ticket by mistake and you are innocent in that matter, you can dispute the issued ticket. There is a standard procedure to follow to do this.
  • You have to visit the Public Safety Building in White Plains between the assigned timings and register a note that the issued ticket is false and you claim to be innocent.
  • You need to carry all the important documents like your driving license, and the parking ticket that was issued to you. You are also required to carry proof of your innocence to refute the claim. 

How to pay for a parking ticket in White Plains?

If you already have been issued a parking ticket for violating any parking or traffic guidelines, then these are the ways by which you can pay the ticket. 

  • It is mandatory to pay off your parking ticket within 100 days of the lodging of the complaint against you. 
  • The first option is calling. There is a helpline number on which you can call and complete your payment. There is a certain timing for this number. 
  • You can also pay in person by reaching the Public Safety Building in White Plains. Make sure you are aware of the timings of the place. 
  • You can pay by mail or money order by noting down the address of the post office. 
  • The latest method is the online payment service that has been used by many. This is the most convenient and can be done by sitting in one place and very quickly.

What are the important rules to follow to avoid a ticket?

  • Most of the on-street parking signs will show that the allotted time for parking will only be around an hour. This is the usual time for the on-street parking meters. 
  • The time for the off-street and interior locations is usually longer and the parking system is better comparatively. 
  • There is an app which allows you to pay for extra parking time and other facilities. The name of this app is Park White Plains. If you are availing of this service, you have to park next to a sign with this app’s name. 
Off-street$1 per hour
On-street (outside the downtown/central parking zone)$1 per hour
On-street (within downtown/central parking zone)$1.25 per hour
Specific commuter locations$1 per hour up to 7 hours


To escape from these never-ending problems that arise due to parking, it is a compulsion to familiarise yourself with the protocol that needs to be followed on the road. Looking for a sign outside is very important before parking. Once you get a ticket, it is necessary to clear it off in a certain period.


Q) What is the average amount that a parking ticket will cost you at White Plains, USA?

A) The penalty amounts vary according to which rule has been violated. Therefore, the general amount is around $10 to $25.  

Q) Is there a facility for parking on street in White Plains?

A) There is a provision for parking on street in White Plains provided it is a Sunday or a public holiday. If not the guidelines and parking signs should be closely looked at for further details. Any negligence of the rules and timings will cost you a parking ticket. 

White Plains Parking Ticket – Know More

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