UPS Wrong Delivery – Know More!


UPS stands for the united parcel service and is well-known for its courier service. It is an American company which ships and receives in multinational areas. The company started in 1907. The founder of the ups is James E. Casey, and the headquarter of the company is in the United States. They have services like logistics services, courier express, Freight forwarding services, etc. The revenue of the company is $84.628 billion. The total number of employees is 534,000, and you can visit the official website of the ups. The CEO of the company is Carol Tomé. It is famous for its services and delivery.Let us know what to do when UPS did wrong delivery and how will you know that your package was received at the wrong locationin this article.

UPS Wrong Delivery

What to do when the ups deliver to the wrong address?

The following will give you all about UPS wrong delivery.If you get to know that your package has been delivered to the wrong address, you can visit the official website; and you can change your current address. You have to follow a few steps to change your address, and along with that, you can also change code, city, room number, area, etc. Once the company gets to know that the product is delivered to the wrong address, they will return it to the original sender of the company.

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Why is the UPS package going the wrong way?

Sometimes the packages go the wrong way due to a few problems like wrong address, technical errors, the false barcode that can be attached to the package, sometimes it can be that they were unable to read your location, etc. There is another reason called the hub system. Hub system is nothing but a place where they store the packages, and it is nearest to you, but you see it as far away from the location. The hub delivers to you in a fast way, and you receive it quickly. 

How can you get your UPS delivery back from the wrong address?

Once you get to know that the package has been delivered to the wrong location, then you have to wait for 24 to 48 hours. Even after 48 hours, if you don’t receive your package, you can contact the customer service, and you can file a complaint against the company regarding the wrong location delivery. You can email the company regarding the product and also send them your tracking number. You can also go to the official website and find the contact number of the company. Once the company receives your mail, they will return your package. 

Do you get a refund for the package received at the wrong address?

Yes, you get a refund for the delivery that has been received at the wrong address. To get a refund, you need to follow a term and conditions. If the package is lost by the delivery man, you have to wait for a few days, and if you still don’t receive your package, you can file for a refund. You can contact customer service and tell them about your claim. After looking at your claim, they will decide to give you a refund, and they won’t give you a refund. The company will contact you for your claim.

How will you know that your package was received at the wrong location?

There are a few things that you can always keep in mind that when you receive your tracking number, you can check it in your account. You should always have an update regarding your package, and you will receive a link in your mail. You can change your current address; you have written the wrong address. Make sure to check your order when it is on its way to you, and also check the current address you have typed in the account; you can also fill out a form for returning the package.

What to do if your parcel is not found?

You can contact them by phone, and you can find the contact number on the official website of the ups. You can explain the details to the staff and make sure you give them every detail about the order. You can also track the order from the tracking device. Remember to call them from 10 am to 1 pm and also make sure that they have your details. Sometimes you even have to wait to talk to the customer service, and when your turn comes, tell them that your package is not found.

How to file a claim for the UPS wrong delivery?

When you file a claim, you have to send them a mail stating that you have filed a claim for the wrong delivery, and you can only file a claim when your package hasn’t been delivered to you after 48 hours. You will receive your money back, and also it includes your shipping amount. To get a refund, you have to wait for a week, and you can also call them and file a claim for the delivery. You should have a bill and receipts to file a claim for the delivery.

Can you tell the company where to deliver the package?

Yes, you can tell the company where to deliver the package, and they have started a delivery service that; you can give your current location, and you can add the address there. The company has worked more on the technical issues, and you can ask them to deliver anywhere you want. You can instruct the company on how and where to keep the package, and you can even deliver it to your nearest place. You have to write your name and address on the delivery form. 


You can always contact the company if you have any problem regarding the product and make sure to have a bill or receipt. It is not always that the delivery takes place at the wrong address, and sometimes it gets to the wrong location due to technical problems. It can also happen due to human mistakes, errors, wrong barcodes, etc. They have got the hub service, and now it has been faster in a technical way.

UPS Wrong Delivery – Know More!

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