Chipotle Payment Methods – Know More!


In today’s world, there is technology working way above what normal human minds can assume or take into. But to a certain extent, the public has also evolved with these advancements. Be it at the stores, the restaurant chains, or even the smallest of shops, each one out there is accepting newer and better ways of payment systems that make it easier for the customer to make their purchase from a particular outlet, to make the user experience better and better. Chipotle is also one such restaurant chain.Chipotle is one such restaurant that offers a wide range of options for payment to be done by customers. It accepts credit cards, debit cards, cash, prepaid cards, Chipotle gift cards, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal but indirectly.Let us know about Chipotle Payment Methods,how can Paypal be used as a Payment method at Chipotle and range of Payment Methods at Chipotle in this article.

Chipotle Payment Methods

Range of Payment Methods at Chipotle

With a great range of options available to customers for payment to eat out at this restaurant, it makes it very easy for customers to order food and pay using the option of their choice. The comprehensive ranging payment methods are:

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  • Cash
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Chipotle Gift Cards
  • Samsung Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Indirectly Paypal

Through the mobile app, Chipotle has made the use of Chipotle Gift Cards super easy as a method of payment. You can use their gift card to order online just like other card options. This way you can order hassle-free without even having to step into a restaurant.

For using this gift card online, you need to head on to their website and order items. When the process comes to payment, simply choose the option of a gift card in the shopping cart. You can enter your pin now and card to pay and move forward to complete placing your order.

How can Paypal be used as a Payment method at Chipotle?

Officially, Chipotle won’t allow you to pay from Paypal directly but it has a way with it. If you go the right way, you can use Paypal to make payments at any Chipotle restaurant.To make payments through Paypal, you need to link your Samsung Pay or Google Pay for the purpose with Chipotle since these two are legit payment options here. Once you link your above-mentioned accounts, your payment route will be screened through this option. This eventually makes Paypal one of the easiest payment methods for the customers since Paypal is a reputed company and has a wide user base.

Does Chipotle accept digital currency for payment?

Yes, Chipotle now accepts the digital currency for accepting payments with digital currency like Bitcoin becoming more mainstream. Now, customers of Chipotle Mexican Grill can make their next payment for a burrito through Bitcoin. With the partnership of Chipotle and Flexa, payments through digital currency are legit throughout nearly 3,000 stores of Chipotle in the U.S.

Customers that possess a digital wallet that can integrate with Flexa can easily place orders by opening the Flexa app and selecting Chipotle. Now you will have to scan a barcode that allows you to make payments for your meal with the options of nearly 100 digital currencies that exist. Flexa processes the payment super quick and later offsets that in either fiat or crypto with Chipotle.

The benefits of such an offer by the restaurant chain are one, of course, an addition in the number of payment options and another is transactions that are more secured as they are enabled by blockchain. For the celebration of National Burrito Day, Chipotle had even offered $100,000 as a customer give away becoming the first-ever U.S. restaurant brand to make anything of this sort happen.

Being a big brand also brings with it some great responsibility towards customers and their ease. One of the regions where customers seek great comfort and ease is how easily they can make their payments. They will always seek the easiest method for them to make payments, which if not available might frustrate them some time and restrict them from getting turned into your customer from a potential customer.


Therefore, being a big fast-food restaurant chain, Chipotle has that responsibility on itself as well and it is quite of an Acer on that side with its great variety of payment options available for its customers. These include cash, credit and debit cards, Chipotle’s gift card, and Paypal if used in the right manner. Recently, it has also made innovation and addition in the payment methods available by adding the method of making payments through the extensive range of digital currencies which makes your payment like a flash.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Chipotle gift cards be used at other restaurants?

No, you cannot use a Chipotle gift card at any other restaurant. It is meant to be used only at Chipotle restaurants and is not redeemable for cash except required by law.

2. Is Apple Pay a valid payment method at Chipotle?

Yes, recently Chipotle upgraded their Point of Sale systems that make Apple Pay a legit method of payment at Chipotle. 

3. Where can I find the Chipotle App?

The Chipotle app is easily available for download on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple App Store for Apple users.

Chipotle Payment Methods – Know More!

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