How to connect Dyson air purifier to wifi?

Dyson air purifiers can force pollution with their air projection loops from even a distance back through encapsulated filters to clean the entire space, removing formaldehyde continuously while collecting ultrafine dust and allergens. With its significant air circulation, a Dyson air purifier may clean the whole space.The absence of blades on Dyson air purifiers is a unique feature! Because of this, it is suitable for both children and dogs. Additionally to that, Dyson humidifiers are cleaners too. Find out how this purifier works by connecting wifi. Here we will see about How to connect Dyson air purifier to wifi?

How to connect Dyson air purifier to wifi?

Steps to connect Dyson Air purifier to Wifi

Create a user account

  1. Open the Dyson app on your smartphone. 
  • Only iOS and Android smartphones currently support the Dyson Link app. 
  • Please do check the app store in the country where you purchased your purifier as it continues to add devices there.
  1. Choose your nation. 
  2. Choosing “Sign in” and providing your username and password if you have a Dyson account
  3. if you’re a new user, select “Register” to create an account and complete every field.

Are you unsure of your account status? 

You created this account on the Dyson website to buy your purifier.

Verify your home’s wi-Fi connection.

  1. To link the purifier, the app will suggest a Wi-Fi network at home. 
  2. Your smartphone will be logged onto this network. 
  3. If you want to connect the purifier to your home wifi network, provide the password for it.

What if Your home network is not visible?

  1. Ensure your air purifier is placed close to your wireless router at home. 
  2. Verify the status of your home router. 
  3. A Wi-Fi signal indicator is visible in the top left corner of the screen, indicating that the mobile device has a connection to your home Wi-Fi. 
  4. Ensure that the network at your house is not covered. The connection does not support Hidden SSID or Privacy Separator. Kindly ensure that the SSID is visible.

Want to join a different network with the purifier? 

  1. Leave the Dyson Link application, access the settings application on your smartphone, and select Wi-Fi. 
  2. Go back to the Dyson Link app after connecting to the network of your choice.
  3. Verify that your smartphone is logged onto a 5GHz network. 
  4. Only 2.4GHz networks are compatible with your purifier. 

Make your purifier discoverable

  1. To make your purifier discoverable, hold down the “ON/OFF” button for 5 seconds after the Wi-Fi light stops blinking red and starts to flash green.

Are you unable to notice the green flashing Wi-Fi light? 

  1. Make a check to ensure you are pressing the machine’s button. 
  1. It is impossible to complete this 

step by pressing the remote control’s power button because it has a different purpose.

Join the Wi-Fi network of your air purifier using your mobile device.

  1. Leave the app, access the settings on your smartphone, and choose Wi-Fi. 
  1. Join the “Product SSID” WiFi Sticker network. The SSIDs first letter is “DYSON.” 
  1. Whenever prompted, enter the “Product Wi-Fi Password.”
  1. Now return to the Dyson Link app.

Is The list of available networks not included in your purifier?

  1. Examine the Wi-Fi and light on your purifier to make sure it is blinking green.
  1. Verify that Wi-Fi on your mobile device is turned on and that your purifier is near you. 
  1. The Wi-Fi on your purifier is labeled “DYSON.”

Set up a connection between your purifier and your home Wi-Fi network.

  1. Your purifier’s Wi-Fi light will blink white while connecting. 
  1. If the purifier is connected, the white light will cease blinking and remain on; otherwise, the green light will flash.

Can’t get your app to connect with your purifier? 

  1. Ensure that you are close to your purifier. 
  1. Verify that the Wi-Fi light on the purifier is flashing green. 

Can’t get your purifier to connect to your WiFi? 

  1. There’s a chance your Wi-Fi isn’t working. 
  1. Unhide your home Wi-Fi if you’ve done so in your router’s settings. 
  1. As your purifier cannot connect to 5GHz networks, Ensure the network you’re trying to connect to is 2.4GHz.
  1. Check the password you are using for your home network to make sure it is correct.

If the purifier can’t connect to the Dyson network?

Since you are unable to complete your connection after reconnecting, make sure that your house Wi-Fi is linked to the internet.

Start by giving your purifier a name.

You can begin immediately after you have registered the ownership and given your purifier a name.


To connect Dyson air purifier with WiFi are practical because they reduce the time needed for adjustment. To successfully connect your air purifier to your device, verify the given instructions.

Frequently asked questions:
  1. How Durable Are Dyson Fans?

For an estimated 12-hour use every day, your air purifier will last a year. Certain air purifiers can be tracked using the Dyson Link app. You may then see how long your purifier will last. 

Some Dyson air purifiers, however, cannot be connected via the app. Therefore, you can utilize the purifier’s remote control to determine when to replace the filter.

  1. How can my Dyson WiFi be reset? 

By erasing the WiFi settings on the device, It can be reset to factory defaults. The purifier’s “Standby ON/OFF” button should be pressed and held for at least 20 seconds. When your network settings have changed, the WiFi sign will flash back and forth between white and green.

How to connect Dyson air purifier to wifi?

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