Disney Plus or YouTube TV – Which is Best?

In today’s world, many people have cut their television cable services and have switched to more recent ways of streaming. The two very famous and versatile networks that are always in talks are Disney Plus streaming services and YouTube TV. YouTube TV is a legacy in itself. However, they greatly vary in many aspects. Often a tough decision has to be made regarding which streaming service is better as you cannot use them all together. Some prime features come to play when one has to select one particular streaming platform. According to one’s priority, one can decide which one to choose. Taking into consideration the price factor and which plan is more affordable, you can decide which is the more suitable option for you.

Disney Plus VS YouTube TV

Disney Plus VS YouTube TV

When you talk about the different factors to compare both Disney Plus and YouTube TV, factors like content availability, streaming quality, budget and price, and the genres of content available play an important role. Disney Plus is the only platform online that streams high-quality Disney shows and movies, unlike other platforms. Disney movies and shows are a whole new genre in themselves and are very popular among kids and teenagers. YouTube TV on the other hand has a lot of original content that is available for all age groups and in all genres. As you know how YouTube is the hub for any latest video or content, and so is its premium service. There are options of topping it with Live TV to compensate for the absence of the television in your home. It has a friendly interface, is very convenient to use and is greatly loved. 

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Here is a little comparison between the two

These days with the advent of OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix, everyone has been taking to web series and films on such platforms. There are many advantages and disadvantages of these two streaming services. Hence, you need to read about all the streaming services and then select what is right for you. While Disney has a huge fan base and collection in the kid’s category of entertainment, YouTube TV has a large hub of movies for all to stream. In terms of expenses, the basic plan of Disney Plus is more affordable than YouTube TV. Therefore, after reviewing mainly the content, what the package offers you and the price at which the plan is for are considered and then a suitable plan can be selected.

Pros and Cons of Disney Plus:

  • Disney Plus is the favourite of every kid these days and is always in the buzz for any latest Disney fantasy movie. It indeed transports you into a surreal world full of life and romance. It has many animated movies for kids, films and shows that usually air on the Disney HotStar channel on television too.
  • The Disney Plus package is available for a very reasonable and fair price. It is priced at around $7.9 per month for one package of subscriptions. It has the option of combining channels like Hulu and ESPN for a much cheaper and discounted price. 
  • The cons of Disney Plus are that it is limited to only movies and shows from the Disney franchise that may get very monotonous and it also has not much content for the adults. Therefore, if these specifications fit your match, you can go for it. 
  • You can download a large variety of its contents too for an unlimited time. An important feature is that there aren’t any advertisements in this package of Disney Plus. 
  • There isn’t any free trial to look at the content and compare it. It is comparatively more affordable than YouTube TV.
  • It has very little variety and just basic Disney material which becomes very boring and monotonous after some time. 
  • There isn’t any Live TV option in this for live streaming any content. 

Pros and Cons of YouTube TV:

  • YouTube Tv is slightly more expensive than Disney Plus but in exchange, it offers you a worthy and well-curated package that includes everything. They have the option of adding premium channels and other top-up options that makes it more customisable. 
  • These packages however cost a little higher than the normal plans. YouTube TV has the Live TV option where you can watch or stream live channels. This gives you the feel of a cable and you definitely won’t miss your cable services if you happen to cut them. The HD resolution and video quality, DVR features that have been updated recently are too good to miss. 
  • The content present on YouTube TV is original and has a lot more variety and mixture than Disney Plus. These however aren’t any options to make your bundles and plans like how Disney Plus offers. It is also too expensive than the on-demand platforms that offer much more content and service. 

It is very difficult to conclude a comparison between Disney Plus and YouTube TV. The main reason being its vast price difference. YouTube TV is available at nearly $65 per month which is ten times the price at which Disney plus is available. Therefore, those who are extremely budget-conscious have to make this decision for themselves. The content of YouTube TV is however worth it and has a lot of variety and range. This is unlike Disney Plus which offers just Disney franchise movies and shows. There isn’t much content variety and it is mainly for kids’ entertainment

Disney Plus or YouTube TV – Which is Best?

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