Can You Track A Google Voice Number?

Unknown calls are quite annoying, and people frequently receive them from either fraudsters or marketing agencies in addition to calls from anonymous users. We have all occasionally received phone calls from Google Voice Numbers, and you should have wondered who was calling. Of course, there is a possibility that the caller may be one of your friends, but the likelihood that they are a scammer is a little bit higher. It’s crucial to identify the owner of a Google voice number and review any background information before you answer these calls. Let us know more detail about ‘Can You Track A Google Voice Number?’.

Can You Track A Google Voice Number?

Can You Track A Google Voice Number?

Google Voice numbers are challenging to track down because they aren’t included in phone directories or associated with real addresses. Standard phone traces do not identify you whenever you dial contacts through your Google Voice number, but it will appear on their caller ID. Google gives law enforcement agencies access to your account details, along with the IP address through which you made calls and created the account if they get engaged.

What is a Google Voice number?

As everyone is aware, Google Voice is a VoIP phone service that lets users place and receives calls as well as sends and receives voice and text messages. Most people dial this number to divert inbound calls to their landline, mobile, or personal phones. Users receive a free virtual contact number with area code when they join up for Google Voice. 

Additionally, you can choose your preferred number, and to do so, you can check the availability of your preferred number for registration using the Google Voice Number Availability tool.The SIM card number and this one are extremely close. The service is free, whereas few features, such as call recording, are only accessible with paid accounts. This is the only difference.

The Google Voice number is associated with your Google account, so to protect your privacy, the platform does not publicly disclose your phone number, email address, or other personal information. As a result, it does not show up in phone directories or on web pages that list contact information.It is now necessary to determine how to trace the usage of the Google voice number or an email address connected to a google voice number.

How to track Google’s voice number?

With the use of the Google Voice Number lookup tool, users can more easily reveal the owner of a secret mobile number. Your search will go more quickly due to its user-friendly layout. Enter the Google Voice number that is calling you into the lookup tool for Google Voice numbers. The name of the user you were looking for will be revealed.

Note that It is incredibly difficult to determine who owns a Google Voice number because Google does not publicly display users’ Google Voice numbers or their private details. However, this technology might be able to discover a person’s identity and history if they post their Google Voice number onto their social media accounts, websites, blogs, or forums.

Can a Google Voice Number be Traced from an Email? 

The same amount of traceability applies to a person’s Google Voice email as it does to their Google Voice number. While you may access your username and emails using your Google Voice number, you cannot access another person’s username or email using their Google Voice number. That’s because usernames or emails connected to the online telephone service aren’t made publicly available, just as with Google Voice numbers. So you can’t track a person’s Gmail from their Google Voice number unless they publicly disclose it on their site or elsewhere online.

How to Find a Google Voice Number?

  • Go on to the Google Voice webpage on your iPhone or Android device. 
  • Enter the login details to log in to the Google account. 
  • The Google Voice Homepage is opened. 
  • In the top right corner of the page, press the Settings gear symbol. 
  • You will now see your number in the Account area after that. 
  • Additionally, options like changing, editing, and deleting the number are available here. You can quickly change your Google Voice number or completely remove it.

Do Google Voice numbers last permanently? 

Since the numbers weren’t originally Google’s and you had to pay a price to bring them in, they are regarded as “permanent,” which means Google won’t try to take them back. Similar to that, you can alter a number for $10, and the revised GV number will then become unchangeable.


If you’ve forgotten yours, you may easily find it up using Google Voice. Just a few taps and a few minutes, and you’re ready to go! The same cannot be stated, however, when tracing a Google Voice number to an email or conducting a reverse Google Voice number lookup. This is because, unlike regular landline numbers, this data are not publicly available. However, as we just covered, it isn’t completely impossible to dig for a Google Voice number or email if necessary. This information should have assisted you in locating your Google Voice number and provided some insight into how to track down another person’s Google Voice number.

Frequently Asked Question
  1. Are Google Voice phone numbers private? 

When using Google Voice to make calls, you can conceal your caller ID. For incoming calls, you can also modify the caller ID. Your phone number assists in recovering your account if you would lose access to Google Voice.

  1. Where is the Google Voice number found? 

To locate your Google Voice username or number. 

  • Navigate to on your computer. 
  • Go to the Google Account and log in. 
  • Click on Settings located in the upper right-hand corner. 
  • Your Voice number can be found under Account. If there isn’t a Voice number displayed, Voice hasn’t been configured with this Google Account.
Can You Track A Google Voice Number?

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