Does Amazon Ship To Germany?

It is a multinational company, and it is famous worldwide. People from different countries order from amazon, and they do the shipping all around the world. Amazon provides all household products, electronic products, devices, etc. In Germany, more than 15,000 employees are working with amazon. The headquarters of Amazon in Germany is in Seattle. They started the company in 1994, and in 2021, it is famous worldwide for its products. They have produced technologies like Kindle, Fire Tv, Fire OS, etc. You can place your order from any country because amazon has the service of international shipping. Amazon has two offices in Germany, and there are more than five sellers. In this article, we will see about ‘Does Amazon Ship To Germany?’.

Does Amazon Ship To Germany?

Does Amazon Ship To Germany?

Yes, amazon ships to Germany, and there is a possibility that there is a retailer who won’t be able to ship the product in Germany.  You have to pay the shipping charges along with the delivery charges. Amazon ships outside Germany, and also it ships in Germany. Add the correct address to deliver the product in Germany, and add the right Pincode to get it delivered at the right address. You will be also provided with the tracking device number, and the company will also send you a notification for shipping the given order to the address. The delivery process is easy, and you can order it from the official website of amazon.

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What are the products you can buy on amazon Germany?

There are different products that you can buy from amazon, like Home and kitchen products, utensils, cookware, dining, health products, body care, office products, grocery, clothing, etc. You can purchase all these products at the official website of amazon. The delivery will be made as per the method of delivery you selected, and it will get delivered to your Germany address. Once you order the product from Amazon, it will get delivered within 2-3 days, and the name of the seller would be given on the box of the package.

How to ship from Amazon in the United States to Germany?

Go to the official website of amazon and sign in to your account if you have one. If you don’t have an amazon account, you need to make an account on amazon. Once you login into your account, then select the option of your account. You will see ordering and shopping preferences there; you have to select your address and add your current location. If you live in another country; then you need to click on the new address option and add your new address. After you add your address, you can click on the save option, and now you can order anything internationally.

What is the different shipping method in Germany?

There are different shipping methods available on amazon:

A) Standard shipping(Media products):

This delivery takes two days after the dispatch of the product, and they include products like amazon electronics, sportswear, video games, fashion, etc. It is free delivery for the amazon prime member, and if you are not a prime member, you have to pay €2.99 per delivery. 

B) Standard shipping:

It contains all the products, and it delivers all the category products. The delivery of the product takes place in two days, and the delivery price for the prime member is free. People who are not a member of the prime have to pay a delivery cost according to the product purchased. 

C) Premium shipping(Media products):

It delivers on the next day when the product is dispatched, and for the prime member, the delivery charge is free. The delivery charge is €3.99, and it includes delivery of the products like sportswear, electronics, video games, etc.  

D) Premium shipping:

It contains all delivery products, and it includes all the categories. You can get free delivery if you are a prime member, and if you are not a member of amazon prime, you have to pay €4.99 per delivery.

E) Same Day Shipping:

It delivers to you on the same day as your order, and if your order is above €20, then it is free delivery for the prime members. For non-prime members, the delivery charges are €9.99 per delivery.

How to track the product that is delivered?

You have to check your amazon account and search for tracking orders. There you will see a number which is your order tracking number, and you can check your email for the tracking number. All the details are provided, and it is also emailed by Amazon customer service. You can contact customer service for any issues regarding the delivery process. You have to copy the given link on the parcel app and start locating your amazon order. You can also track the package without tracking the order number. It is not necessary to login into your account for tracking the order.

How to place the order on Amazon Germany?

For ordering a product, you can visit the official website of Amazon, and you can even download the amazon app. You need to login into your amazon Germany account and select your current location. You have to search for the product you need to buy and add it to the cart. Once you add to the cart, you can confirm your order and select the payment method. After selecting the method, your order goes to the company. Once they dispatch the product, you will receive a notification on your email and your amazon account.


Amazon delivers internationally, and it also delivers in Germany. It takes one to ten days for any shipping, and it also depends on the shipping method you have selected. For any prime member, the shipping charge is free of cost, and they can order any category. You can also use DHL service for your shipping, and you can pay in cash on delivery. It costs 5 EUR per shipping. You will get a notification from the seller. Make sure to add your details properly and correctly so that it gets shipped to the current location. You can contact customer service for any issue regarding the delivery. It is necessary to add all the information asked by the company.

Does Amazon Ship To Germany?

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