Watch Sports Without Cable

Sports are the thing that the majority of people would love. It is a thing that people love to do, love to watch because directly or indirectly sports are helping everyone to grow irrespective of the game it is. People feel a kind of connection with sports. When someone watches any sports after completing their hectic schedule, it gives them relaxation and entertainment. People have memories of their favorite sports, and it could be any type of sport like football, cricket, soccer, badminton, volleyball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, or anything. Let us know more detail about ‘Watch Sports Without Cable’.

Watch Sports Without Cable

Is It Possible To Watch Sports Without Cable?

When it comes to watching your favorite sports, there are plenty of other options except cable connection. Two decades back people didn’t have the liberty to watch their favorite sports online except cable, it was necessary to have a cable connection to home to get entertainment through sports. Because the internet had not expanded a lot, it was new back then, but not now. At that moment you can watch anything you want, any kind of sports, past events of any sports that have taken a special place in your heart. All the things are just a bit far from your fingerprints.

Having a source from where you get your entertainment and happiness, and for a lot of people, it is sports. That is a fantastic way to spend your free time, so if you are wondering whether it is possible to watch sports without a cable connection or not! So, you do not need to worry about this. In today’s time, this is possible to watch your favorite sports even if you do not have a cable connection. If you have a cable connection, it means you end up spending a lot of money on that. So, if sports are the main thing that you watch on your tv, so no need to spend a huge amount of money on your cable connection. Instead, if you watch your favorite sports online, then you end up saving a lot of money.

The Places You Can Watch Sports Online

When it comes to having your favorite sports, then there are a lot of places where you can watch those sports online. So, let’s see each option one by one here,

  • YouTube TV: It is an online live streaming platform created by Google, here you can watch your favorite sports live, not only sports but all other sources of enjoyment are there. Here are more than 85 channels and the subscription cost is $ 65 which is lesser than your cable tv. It includes an online DVR and no more need for a cable box. The channels there especially for sports are CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, NBA TV, MLB Network, Golf Channel, ESPN, NBC Sports, NBCSN, and a lot more. You can watch YouTube tv on almost any device you have (could be a laptop, pc, or phone). It just requires a Google account which you already have if you are using Gmail.
  • Hulu: It is also an online live streaming platform, in this platform, you will get to see a few top sports like MLB, NHL, MLS, UFC, college sports, and a few more. You can watch HULU on any device like your phone, laptop, computer, etc. The monthly subscription cost for HULU is $69.99 but there is a lower price also exists. That plan you will get at $6.99 but the issue is that you will have a lot of ads that may irritate you while watching your favorite sport.
  • Fubo TV: This is also a streaming platform that you can watch on any device that comforts you. There is a collection of channels that offers good quality sports. A few leagues that are available on fubo TV are NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, etc. There is a free trial option available on fubo TV, so if you like its service, you can take the subscription by paying $69.99 per month.
  • Sling TV: This is one of the best platforms out there when it comes to watching sports. It is mainly famous for football, but except for football, you will find numerous numbers of other sports, and channels like Fox, Fox Sports, NBC, NBC SN, ESPN2 & 3, etc. It would cost you around $35 but the full package cost is $50 per month.

Except for these major places, there are lots of other places like MLB.TV Premium, MLB.TV Single Team, NFL Game Pass, Amazon, Paramount, and a few more.


Throughout this article, you might have gotten your answer if you had the question that how to watch sports without cable? The thing you should keep in mind before signing up on any platform is, that you have to check your favorite channels should be there on the streaming platform you are about to take the subscription. Because sometimes, the channel you like the most might not be there on that platform, it would be better to check this all.

Watch Sports Without Cable

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