Internet Slow On Laptop But Not Phone

Every year people spend, the requirement of such digital gadgets like phones, laptops, computers, are increasing at the large level. And without internet connection such products are useless. The majority of tasks require data to get done on the laptop. That’s why people tend to have a Wi-Fi connection in their house, but still, sometimes, they face network issues like slow net on their laptop while their phone is getting enough internet. It’s a common problem that people often face. Sometimes people get messed up because they might have come up from their work, and now, they want to feel good, want to get relaxed, and for that matter, they might want to watch a movie online or want to play video games but due to buffering issue, they are not able to do such stuff. If they play games like COD or PUBG, they will be killed by enemies without even their concern due to network issues. But you do not need to worry about it a lot, the problem is quite common, and everybody would have faced that issue if they ever had a laptop.

Internet Slow On Laptop But Not Phone

Reasons for Internet Slow On Laptop But Not Phone

Let’s look at the resons for getting slow Internet on laptop but not on Phone

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There might be several reasons for not getting a proper network connection on your laptop while your phone is getting enough data to do all the work efficiently. Among all the reasons, a few are common that anybody would guess in the first place because people have been habituated with such actions whenever they would face buffering issues on their laptop. Let’s look at them one by one,

  1.  someone is having an internet issue on their laptop, it might be happening because a lot of apps are running in the background.
  1. You might have software that is pending and automatically gets started to install on your device. Probably that’s why the laptop is not getting enough data to get the work done.
  1. Something wrong might be happening with your router.
  1. It might happen because lots of devices are connected to the same network. That’s why your router is unable to provide sufficient data to your laptop.
  1. It can happen due to poor signal connection. It happens that sometimes, there is a signal issue in the area and because you are located in that area, that’s why your laptop is not getting a proper internet connection.
  1. It can also happen due to outdated network drivers or bugs. 

Make sure that your tv is not connected with your Wi-Fi because it gets connected automatically, and if any updates happen on your tv, it would consume a lot of data. 

How to Fix It?

When it comes to solving your internet problems on your laptop, make sure that not too many devices are connected to your router. If your phone is connected and downloading heavy software then, until the downloading gets finished, your laptop may suffer from getting sufficient data. So, next time when you will face an internet problem on your laptop, you can check the following steps to get results.

  1. So, if some applications are running in the background, then you have to stop them. So, first, go to your settings, then privacy, then background apps. At that point, you will see how many applications are running and whether unnecessary applications are needed to be turned off.
  1. If you would face the 2nd problem that a software is downloading in the background that consumes a lot of data, here you can do two things first, you can wait till the moment when the software gets downloaded completely on your device, or the second thing that you can do is turn off the process of downloading until you will finish your work.
  1. The third issue that might have happened was with the router itself. So, check your router. If there is an issue.
  1. The 4th thing that people often do is restart the laptop. Whether it is a laptop or phone, whenever any problem arises like network issues or internet problems, that is the thing people end up doing. And most of the time the problem gets solved.
  1. For someone who does not know how to restart their laptop then follow the steps that are given below:

Go to your window, then click the power bottom, and after click the restart. Within a few minutes, your laptop will restart.

  1. Sometimes, it happens due to poor connection. One thing you can do is to sit in a proper place where you are getting a proper internet connection. Also check that not too many devices are connected because sometimes, the router is unable to provide sufficient data to all the devices. So, make sure that your router is not connected to too many devices.


Throughout this article, you might have gotten your answer like what to do whenever your laptop is not getting sufficient internet connection while your phone is data properly. These are the few things that anyone can try to overcome their buffering problems on a laptop.

Internet Slow On Laptop But Not Phone

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