Ups mailbox rental cost-Know More

In 1907, the company was founded, and it is well-known as an American messenger company. It is a multinational company, and the United States is the headquarters of the company. Carol Tomé is the CEO of the company. More than 500,000 employees work in the company, and this company serves all over the world. The total revenue of the company is $84.63 billion. It is one of the largest courier companies in the United states. It is also known for its ground shipping service, and service takes place worldwide. The company also offers services like printing, shipping, packaging, postal service, etc. Here we will see about Ups mailbox rental cost

Ups mailbox rental cost

What is the mailbox of ups?

It is a service that is identical to the post box service, and it is available for everyone at the post office. You will have different mailbox sizes and prices as per your preference. You will get a mailbox the size of the cabinet, and you will get more space for the packages. The mailbox will be located in the ups store with your address on the mailbox. You have high-volume mail, and there are different mailboxes for different offices. It keeps all your privacy, and you can visit the store for your mailbox.  

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What is the cost of the rental Ups mailbox?

There are different cost for the rental Ups mailbox, and the large size of the mailbox costs $30 to$50. The medium size of the mailbox cost $20 to $40, and the small size of the mailbox costs $10 to $40. They have three sizes of the mailbox. You can purchase it as per your preference. You can call the company and let them know that you want to set up a mailbox and give them all the details, and you can even call the customer service if you face any problems with the mailbox.

How to purchase a mailbox?

You have to contact the company and talk to the nearest store. Find their number from google and tell them that you want a mailbox. Also, tell them which mailbox you want, small box, medium or large and ask the price for the mailbox. Sometimes the ups stores don’t have the size of the mailbox you want, and you have to ask the store to give you that mailbox, but they might need some time to get that mailbox for you. You have to visit the store and fill out the form; you have to bring your id proof and photocopy for the verification. Then once your verification is done, you have to pay the fees as per the box selected. You can pay the fees in any method like cash, debit card, credit card, visa card, master card, etc.

What is the different size of the mailbox?

There are three different sizes of the mailbox they are:

A) Small box:

The small box is used for an individual, and it costs you more than $10 a month. These emails don’t have a high volume, and you can take a small mailbox for 12 months, but the price varies per month. 

B) Medium Mailbox:

The medium mailbox is used for an individual and a business. You receive packages and mail constantly. The cost of the mailbox is $20. 

C) Large mailbox:

The large mailbox is used for small businesses and medium businesses. It has a high volume of mail, and the cost is $30.

What is the advantage of the ups mailbox?

The company gives privacy, and you don’t have to provide your address. You can directly send the package wherever you want. You will have full access to your emails, and you can handle them on your own. You can see your package whenever you want, and it is available 24/7. You can take a private mailbox, and you will be provided with a key card for your access. You will have a guarantee of the package even if there is no one to sign the paper, and the staff will keep your package.

What are the deposits and fees for the mailbox?

To purchase a key, you will have to pay $10 to $15, and it is non-refundable for everyone. You cannot pay into deposits, and pay the whole amount at the store. You will be charged if you keep the package for more than five days, and if your mails are more than the average, you have to pay a few amounts for the mail. You can call the store and tell them that you will pick up the mail in a few days so that they won’t charge you for the mailbox.

What is a better PO box or the ups mailbox?

The mailbox of ups gives you a proper address, and the Po box gives you a number. The service of the ups is professional, and they help their customers in every way. The PO service has limited services for its customers. The ups mailbox is digital and sends you a notification when your package or mail arrives. Whereas Po sends you a message, and sometimes, due to lack of network, the message doesn’t get received by the customer. The ups services give you 24 hours access, and the Po service is only available for a few business hours.


Ups is an organization that is based on a profit market. The mailboxes are virtually designed to make life better for a consumer. All the details get posted to you, and you get notified when your package arrives. You can contact customer service for any kind of help, and you can tell them about your issues regarding the mailbox. All the emails are scanned, updated, and it is sent to you for pickup. You have to take your mail from the store whenever you like, and you have to check all the details before taking your mail from the store. Always take the receipt of the payment you make for the mailbox and keep it safely for better use.

Ups mailbox rental cost-Know More

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