Add Device To Optimum WiFi

Optimum cable and fibre-optic internet are popularly known in Northern America. The internet company offers fast internet speeds at reasonable prices. The benefit of the optimum internet is their no-contracts policy that will give users access to opt-out when they are no longer benefiting from their internet source. There are also no data caps, and early termination fees are included in their internet services. Before signing for their service, you should also be aware that all optimum cable and fibre plans have speeds up to 940 Mbps and a $500 contract buyout. Their Internet service could also be connected to multiple devices, how to add device to their optimum WiFi network will be discussed in this article.

Add Device To Optimum WiFi

How To Add Device To Optimum WiFi

Optimum internet allows multiple devices to connect to their WiFi. But before it can accommodate fifteen (15) devices at a go (the maximum number it can accommodate), you need to check out your Android or IOS WiFi hotspot settings. There are three ways users can use to connect their devices to an optimum network, and they are listed below

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Add New Device Through The Optimum App

This is the first method used to connect an old or new device to an optimum network. It requires you to download their application on google or apple store, and it is easily accessible by all because it is free to download likewise install. The following steps are taken to connect a new device through their app

  1. Go to your play store or apple store to download the optimum app
  2. Click on the app to sign up for your information details to log in.
  3. Go to where you would find my account, click on it, and it will direct you to where you will tap on optimum WiFi
  4. Scroll down to select automatic sign-in
  5. Select the type of device you are about to add to your optimum WiFi
  6. Input the device MAC address and remember to save the connection
  7. Your device will automatically be added. You are free to log out if the changes you made are completed.

Add New Device Through Your Optimum Account

This method is best fit in all situations because you do not need to sign in on your device that contains the account, but you can also sign in through the device you want to add or any device. Another benefit is that you can choose to remove the device whenever you are free to. Take the steps to add your device 

  1. Select the device you want to use to sign in, and input your optimum ID and your password to gain access to your account
  2. Go to where you will click in your account, and enable the automatic sign-in
  3. Input the device MAC address and remember to save the device connection 
  4. The device will be automatically added as soon as you log out from your optimum account

Add New Device By Using Your WiFi Password

This is the last method you can use to connect a new device to optimum WiFi. It is most suitable for those connecting their smartphones and TVs, and the connection will give you access through your optimum router if present. It will also give you access to download firmware and other available updates. Take the following steps to connect your device to optimum WiFi

  1. Pick up your remote to click the settings button located on it 
  2. It will direct you to another page where you will scroll to the network settings option
  3. Scroll to the wireless connection option to select it
  4. You will be asked to scan for available networks, wait until the optimum WiFi pop up on your screen, and select it
  5. You will be asked to enter your router’s password. Wait for a second to confirm the new connection

What Is The Benefit Of Adding A device To Optimum WiFi?

Adding a new device is considered a straightforward process but the major reasons why people connect their multiple devices with optimum WiFi are yet to be discussed. Do not worry, the benefits of adding your devices and that of your family devices to optimum WiFi are access to the internet at any location hence, leading to less data usage. Another benefit is network discovery and free connection, to cap it all, you will have an easy network sign-in when required.


Optimum WiFi is one of the internet connections that help up to fifteen devices to get connected on their WiFi account. There are various methods you can use to get connected before you can have access to the WiFi, and it has been listed above. The benefits of signing a new device to optimum WiFi have also been discussed. All you need to do is to follow the steps above to have a hiccup-free WiFi network 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find my optimum WiFi password?

You can’t find it. If you can not remember it (or don’t have it in a password manager), call customer support service and ask them if they can please reset it for you. They will give you a small password you can get into the account and change the password to something secure

  • What is the optimum position for an optimum wi-fi router?

Depends on where you use it the most. Make sure the signal going longer distances isn’t hindered by obstacles like walls. Try to minimize the walls the signal needs to cross.

Add Device To Optimum WiFi

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