Popeyes Breakfast Hours – Know More

Popeyes is a famous restaurant food chain in America. The company has been around for at least half a century and is an excellent choice for your morning meals. Popeyes offers its customers high-quality meals at affordable prices, including early morning breakfast meals. 

Popeyes Breakfast Hours - Know More

Popeyes breakfast hours are the periods of the day where Popeyes serve their high-quality breakfast options. This period typically runs from about 6:45 am to 10:30 am.

Popeyes’ breakfast hours can easily help you sort out your morning meals. They also offer buffets that you could need for large gatherings like parties. If you need to eat breakfast quickly, you can also get it in single servings. Hence it is important to know popeyes’ breakfast hours across the days of the week.

Popeyes Opening Hours

Popeyes’ breakfast hours allow customers to enjoy high-quality chicken before going for their various activities. These breakfast hours are similar across the many popeyes franchises all over America. 

Popeyes has the same breakfast hours from Mondays to Sundays. You might still be able to order breakfast until 12:30. However, from 12:30 pm, the lunch hours start.

Popeyes Breakfast Hours Common Meals

Across its over 3000 food franchises, you can enjoy the perfect start to your day with premium chicken. However, there are three major ways people would love to enjoy their popeyes breakfast:

  1. Individual: Different people have different preferences. Some people may choose the breakfast wrap with healthy rice, veggies and chicken in tortillas. Popeyes also offers grit or chicken biscuit sandwiches that are light and healthy. 
  1. Family: Popeyes offers affordable breakfast platters that are excellent for a small group of people. A company of three or more friends or family will be happy to enjoy their meal together. The customers select what will be served on these platters. However, they can include eggs, ham sausage, bacon, fried chicken, steak, etc. You could also enjoy your platter with breakfast biscuits or grits.
  1. Buffet: If you need large breakfast servings for your office or a celebration, you should consider ordering from popeyes. Popeyes will promptly send your orders with whatever protein-rich sides you decide. 

No matter what kind of meals you order, Popeyes breakfast hours allow you to place orders for your morning meals from the comfort of your office. So, Popeye’s or your preferred delivery service will bring your meal to you warm and delicious.

Meals Offered During Breakfast Hours

Some of Popeyes’ meals and offers may only be available in certain locations. However, their standard menu is similar across all franchises. Here are some of the meals offered:

  1. Family Meals: Family meals could have 8 – 12 pieces of signature chicken, 3 – 5 chicken sandwiches, 3 -5 biscuits and 3 – 5 apple pieces. On the other hand, the tender’s family meals range from 8-pack meals to 16-pack meals.
  1. Kids Meals: Popeyes offers smaller meals for children, including 4-pack/6-pack nuggets meals and a Mac & Cheese meal. 
  1. Combo Meals: Combo meals are mixed servings. Some of the meals could include:
  • A classic Chicken Sandwich combo
  • A spicy Chicken Sandwich combo
  • 2-pack to 4-pack chicken combos
  • 8-pack/12-pack nuggets combo
  • 3-pack/5-pack tenders combo
  • Seafood like the 1/4 pound popcorn shrimp combo or the Surf and Turf combo.

Single meals on Popeyes menu include Chicken Sandwiches, Signature Chicken, Tenders, Seafood, Nuggets, Side meals, Beverages such as Lemonade, Cola, Iced tea etc., and Desserts such as Apple pie.


Popeyes are famous for serving premium meals to customers across their various stores in America. So, with the addition of breakfast hours, customers now have more affordable meal options for their mornings.


How long does Popeyes food chain marinate their chicken?

Marinating chicken helps tenderise the meat, hence, making it juicy and chewy. Marinating chicken also helps preserve the food and cut down cooking time. Popeyes goes the extra mile and marinates their chicken for at least twelve hours with Louisiana spices. 

What can I get from a $5 Popeyes box?

Popeyes offers excellent quality meals at low prices. A $5 box at popeyes includes three chicken tenders/two pieces of bone-in chicken, two standard sides and a biscuit. 

There are $5 and $6 boxes, both of which come with similar packages, including a couple of bonafide chicken pieces or a trio of handcrafted tenders, plus a biscuit and two regular sides.

What does Popeyes mean when they say “blackened”?

The two main meals that are called ‘blackened’ are the Blackened Chicken Sandwich and the Blackened Chicken Tenders. ‘Blackened’ doesn’t mean that they are burned; rather, the chicken breasts are slathered in seasoning and served with mayonnaise and pickles. So, they appear darker than usual while retaining a premium taste. 

What makes Popeye’s new chicken sandwich so different?

Popeyes often improves its menu by trying new recipes to offer customers a variety of meal options. Their new Chicken sandwich is made with a spicy mayonnaise that goes excellently well with the moist chicken cutlet. This way, it doesn’t come out too soft but still has a juicy taste.

Popeyes Breakfast Hours – Know More

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