Does Meijer own Kroger?- Know More About It

Meijer Incorporation is a megastore where a large number of retail establishments are sold, and they are generally a part of a chain of stores with central management. The central management’s headquarters is in Walker, Michigan. The corporation was founded by Hendrik Meijkar in 1934 and is currently run by his grandsons, Hank Meijer and Doug Meijer. Their grandfather Hendrick Meijer was an immigrant from Denmark who entered this business during the Great Depression. Since then, it has been growing at a pace that doubles with each passing year. Meijer is also among the first stores that began offering self-service shopping and shopping carts. The store sells items of groceries, apparel, footwear, gasoline, sporting, clothing, bedding, furniture, jewelry, health and beauty products, toys, sporting types of equipment, electronics, housewares, and pet supplies. Let us find out about does Meijer own Kroger?.

Does Meijer own Kroger

What about its ownership?

As far as ownership is concerned, Kroger and Meijer are separate stores, and neither of them owns one other. Both stores are quite popular in the Midwest, United States of America. Kroger, like Meijer, is also a supermarket chain that was established by Bernard Kroger. The only difference between Meijer and Kroger is that Meijer is a privately- owned grocery retail store in America that is based only in 6 states of America, whereas Kroger has stores in 35 states across America. This could possibly be also because Kroger is way older than Meijer. Kroger was established in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hence, there is also a sense of authenticity and trust placed in Kroger products in comparison to any other superstore by the public, and it is quite famous for the same reason in the states of America.

Which is cheaper?

Kroger products are also cheaper than the Meijer store’s products comparatively. Meijer products are a bit costly; that is what the public says. But the high price is justified, as claimed by many when Meijer offers high-quality products. But talking specifically about meat, Kroger is way ahead of Meijer; they have high-quality meat that they claim to have bought from local farmers and poultry owners. As far as variety is concerned, it is to be found in Meijer, wherein you get everything that Kroger sells, and add to it, you also get things like electronics, automotive parts, outdoor types of equipment, and clothing.

Why is Kroger rumored to be owned by Meijer?

Kroger is said to be one of the largest superstore chains in the states of America. It is only second to Walmart. Kroger almost owns double the store of Meijer, and it has around more than 2800 stores all over America. One of them is named Fred Meyer. With the name Fred Meyer, they have more than a dozen stores; this is the prime reason why Meijer and Meyer almost sound the same. It is a common misconception among people that Meijer is owned by Kroger, which is not true.

Though it has a number of stores, Kroger is compared to Walmart; in terms of variety, Meijer is compared to Walmart. There is even a saying that, ‘Meijer is where you want to go when you don’t want to go to Walmart.’ Kroger is mainly confined to grocery items, and the grocery product quality is unquestionable in Kroger; they are masters in what they sell. Hence, if you wish to go with a variety of kinds of stuff, go for Meijer, and if you wish to go for your weekly grocery shopping, Kroger is the place for you.

Reward Programs at Meijer and Kroger

Kroger has launched its program called the Kroger Boost for its customers in various states of America, such as Atlanta, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Columbus divisions, in which for $59 or $99 a year, its customer would get same-day delivery or next day delivery as per the wish of the customer, which means the saving of around $6 per order, including 2X fuel points and other perks such as gift cards.

In Meijer, they offer you the reward of $10 under the earned tab on the use of a Meijer credit card on making a payment of $750 worth of in-store purchases, every time you buy the products worth $750, a reward of $10 gets credited into your account.


Meijer and Kroger are two separate supermarkets that have specific products which have become part of their identity. At the same time, Meijer specializes in selling a kind of products available in big department stores and has every product of one’s use, from clothes to meat to hardware, whereas Kroger is known for more like a local market of grocery items that has fresh products bought from local sources. None of them are related to each other in any way.


Q.1. What is the return policy at Meijer?

A. At Meijer, they believe in a quick, easy, and happy return experience for customers. Following this, Meijer refunds in the same way you paid at their store. For e.g., if you paid through a credit card, an amount of the same would be refunded to you, and if you paid through any gift card, a gift card worth the same value would be issued to you. Your products can even be returned if you lose your receipt, but it is applicable only for up to 90 days. But it is always advisable to keep your receipt safe if you plan to return your product.

Q.2. What is the third-party delivery at Kroger?

A. At Kroger, they offer two kinds of deliveries. The first one is when they deliver their products through their own trained associates. The second way is when they partner with a third- party for the delivery of their products that offer delivery services such as Instacart and Shipt. This helps both businesses as when the order is too much, Kroger sheds off some of their loads through this partnership, and the delivery services to get a profit out of it and free marketing among Kroger’s customers as well.

Q.3. What is the customer service number of Meijer?

A. The customer service number of Meijer is 1-877-363-4537. They are available for assistance on all working days at working hours and on weekends; they get off the line a little earlier than during office hours.

Q.4. How to reach out to customer service at Kroger?

A. Kroger’s customer service can be reached at 1-800-576-4377. They are available for assistance on all working days from 7 am to midnight and on weekends from 7 am to 9 pm.

Does Meijer own Kroger?- Know More About It

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