Poorest And Richest Zip Codes

While some areas are economically hurting, others are flourishing. When it comes to America’s zip codes, this is undeniably true. While the wealthiest Americans may live anywhere, some zip codes have attracted the country’s elite. Certain celebrities, tech moguls, actresses, and artists acquire real estate in these zip codes and encourage their friends to do the same. Let us know ‘Poorest And Richest Zip Codes’.

Poorest And Richest Zip Codes

Poorest And Richest Zip Codes

In 2021, homes in the most expensive American zip codes ranged from $4 million to more than $7 million. While the list is updated yearly, several zip codes are perennial favorites. According to GoBankingRates.com, information accessible on several towns within an area code may inform on mean family income. But it can also act as a signpost to regions where access to health care and education options is restricted. Below are the poorest and wealthiest zip codes in the United States.

The Wealthiest Zip Codes in the U.S.

90210, Beverly Hills, California

The 90210 zip code was made famous by the television show ‘Beverly Hills, 90210,’ which chronicled the lives and relationships of a group of young people from wealthy families who resided in this pricey and celebrity-studded neighborhood. This Los Angeles area contains about 34 thousand people with a blend of urban and suburban vibe. 

Since the region has a dynamic feel, it attracts young professionals. The type of recreational activities in Beverly Hills also draws seniors. The numerous excellent aspects of the location compensate for the high expense of life.

02199 Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a costly location to live in, and as a highly populated city, it’s only logical that particular zip codes be expensive. Office buildings and upscale residences dominate the 02199 neighborhood. In 2021, the average house price in 02199 was more than $5.5 million. Furthermore, inhabitants in 02199 have some of the highest per capita income in the nation, which is now approximately $88,974.

90077 (Bel Air, California)

Average income: $750,900. This ZIP code encompasses Bel Air, Holmby Hills, and Beverly Glen portions. The average property in the neighborhood is valued at about $3 million. Carolwood Drive in Holmby Hills is well known for hosting Hollywood superstars such as Walt Disney and Marilyn Monroe.

98039 Medina, Washington

If you want to reside in Medina, Washington, you can expect to spend a premium price for a home. The 98039 zip code has a median selling price of $3.2 million. Medina is a Seattle suburb with a rustic atmosphere owing to its small population of just over 3,000 people and plenty of green space. 

It is near enough to the city to be a good alternative for individuals who want to take advantage of the city’s work possibilities, activities, and conveniences yet want to live someplace calmer and with a slower pace of life. 

10007 (Tribeca, New York)

The average house costs $2,902,650. This lower Manhattan neighborhood is quiet compared to the rest of New York City. Combine it with a diverse mix of industrial buildings and chic eateries, and you’ve got yourself a goldmine—at least, celebrities do. The majority of New York City’s top-tier schools are located here, making it an ideal spot for families to dwell.

America’s Poorest Zip Codes

The poorest zip codes in the United States are often found in significant urban areas or thinly inhabited, rural regions. 

90021 Los Angeles 

The median family income is $12,370.

The average family income is $37,827.

4.8 percent of families earn $150,000 or more each year.

More than two-thirds of the people in this zip code, located just south of Los Angeles’ Skid Row slum, earn less than $25,000 per year. However, Los Angeles is one of the growing more costly places.

79901 El Paso, Texas

The median family income is $13,110.

0.5 percent of families earn $150,000 or more each year.

The 79901 zip code is located just north of the Rio Grande River, which separates the United States and Mexico. While almost four out of five inhabitants in this zip code earn less than $25,000 per year, they may be able to stretch their income.


The Poorest And Richest Zip Codes statistics provide a limited, much-localized view of the geography of inequality. If American culture continues to tolerate high income, the geography of inequality will only get more severe and more evident in various regions. 

Many Americans believe this problem can be solved with help from national or local governments, but this is not the case. Poverty is a complicated problem that must be handled on several levels, such as more excellent educational financing, increased availability of high-paying employment, and better living circumstances in the United States.


1. Which State Has the Most Prosperous Economy?

Washington led the list of most delicate state economies, ranking third in terms of economic activity, sixth in terms of financial health, and second in terms of innovation potential. The top three state economies were Utah and California. Louisiana, Alaska, and West Virginia were at the bottom of the list.

2. What is America’s wealthiest and poorest zip code?

90210 is America’s wealthiest zip code, with inhabitants earning an average of $153,246 per year and mansions costing up to $4 million.

The zip code 89108 is the poorest in America. It is in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the typical income is $28,869. It is also the least diverse zip code, with just 1.7 percent identifying as Hispanic or Latino.

Poorest And Richest Zip Codes

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