Wells Fargo Routing Number Florida

Wells Fargo Bank is a subsidiary of the company and offers its services like any other bank. Routing numbers are used by Wells Fargo Bank to transfer funds from one branch to another. These routing numbers were developed by the American Bankers Association (ABA) which are unique for every branch and allow for funds to be transferred accurately to the correct account instead of the wrong one. Here we will see about Wells Fargo Routing Number Florida

Wells Fargo has more than seven hundred branches in Florida in total and each branch has its unique identifying routing number. The routing numbers are used for sending money from branch to branch be it that of Wells Fargo or that of another bank. So if you need an exact routing number for your bank account in Wells Fargo Bank in Florida, you need to give a call to your branch to verify the exact routing number and note it down for later use too. 

Wells Fargo Routing Number Florida

How Many Digits is a Wells Fargo Routing Number?

The routing numbers are nine (9) digits in total and they are used to identify the bank or financial institution where the account of the subject individual is based. The routing numbers are used to make transactions within a country’s different banks while the SWIFT codes are used for making international transactions.

Where to Find Routing Numbers

The routing numbers are printed on the bottom left of every check in a checkbook. They are printed to ensure that the check can be identified as the correct bank account. Also, at the same time, when a check is signed off and written in favor of a beneficiary, the routing number of the beneficiary is needed to transfer the amount of the check into his account and ensure that it does not end up in a wrong bank account!

How to Find Your Bank Routing Number?

If you have difficulty finding your routing number from your checks, you can find the routing number applicable to your bank account by searching online, or by downloading the app of your bank on your android phone and checking it from there. Better still, you could call up the helpline number of your bank and ask for the routing number or even call your bank branch and ask them. 

Types of Routing Numbers

There are a total of three (3) types of Wells Fargo routing numbers but they have even more variations among these three types. 

One is state-based, which is one of the 50 states of the United States in which the Wells Fargo account is maintained. 

The second is based on the type of account, whether checking or savings.

The third is the type of transaction being made, whether you are making a check to pay, whether you are depositing cash into someone’s account, whether you are making a wire transfer, whether you are opting for a line of credit, or whether you are making use of an electronic check, et cetera. 

In either category of the transaction, the routing number would be different in each scenario. 

Instances of Wells Fargo Routing Number Florida

There are many different types of routing numbers employed by the Wells Fargo Bank in Florida and the following would be an example of it:


This is one of the routing numbers used by Wells Fargo in the state of Florida and it is clear that it is nine {9} digits long. There are multiple variations of the routing numbers that belong to Florida and are used by Wells Fargo for a variety of transactions made. 

Reading a Routing Number

If we take for instance this Wells Fargo Routing Number from Florida, [063107513], it consists of [9] digits in total so what do they mean?

It is very simple actually because starting from the left towards the right, the first two digits represent the type of the financial institution in question which would be the digits (06). The next two digits represent the district branch number of the federal reserve which would be the numbers (31). The next four digits identify the specific financial institution where the account of the subject individual is held, which would be the numbers (0751). The last digit is what is known as the check digit, which would be the number (3). So this is what the digits in a routing number stand for so that a record for it can be kept and the transaction completed successfully.


What can be concluded is that a routing number, such as that used by Wells Fargo Banks in Florida is an immensely important number, without which the transaction cycle cannot be completed. It is a nine (9) digit number that showcases or identifies different things relating to financial institutions. This is meant to keep the transaction cycle correct and to keep a trail of the money. Many different kinds of routing numbers are used which vary based on the state, the account, and the transaction, et cetera.


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Wells Fargo Routing Number Florida

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