What is Andy Roddick net worth? Know more

Andy Roddick created his fortune from tournament prizes, endorsements, Radio, Tv shows, and Real Estate. It is estimated that he earned more than 20.6 million from tournament prizes alone. In this article we shall see What is Andy Roddick net worth?

What is Andy Roddick net worth?

Andy Roddick is a 39-year-old professional tennis player who, over the years, has amassed a net worth of 40 million us dollars. 

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He got the title of World number one tennis player. Being a right-handed player, Andy Roddrick was famous for his swift serves and powerful ground strokes.

He is the 20th highest-paid tennis player in the world. 

He also endorsed multiple famous brands, including Microsoft, Rolex, Lexus, Powerade, and many more. 

And you can trust these brands to pay a hefty sum. Andy has also earned from being a commentator, Tennis Pundit, and a host for multiple television channels like The Tennis Channel, where he worked as an analyst in 2020.


Andy played Tennis for most of his childhood, even through his teenage years. However, at age 17 due to losing a streak in the junior matches, he decided to quit tensis. 

Luckily his coach, Tarik Ben Habiles, saved his career by convincing the teen to keep going for another four months. 

During this time, Andy participated in the Junior matches and landed the sixth position in the U.S. After this initial boost of confidence, the next year, in 2000, he took the title of the number one junior player in the world.

Soon Roddick was playing professional matches. He won the U.S open as well as the Australian Open singles titles as a junior. He also won seven world junior doubles titles along with six world junior singles titles.

At age 18, in 2001, Andy Roddick turned into a pro tennis player. It was at this time he also graduated high school. Roddick clinched his first Grand Slam singled championship and succeeded in qualifying for four other Grand Slam finals. 

However, unfortunately for him, he lost to Roger Federer in every one of the finals. After turning 21, Andy Roddick gained the world’s Number 1 rank on November 3rd, 2003. He was also the youngest ever player to achieve this milestone. Andy also reached his first Masters Series title this year. 

In June 2004, Andy went to his first Wimbledon final. At the summer Olympics this year, Roddick lost the game to his competition Fernando Gonzalez in the third round of the match. 

In 2005 Roddick lost to Federer in the finals of Wimbledon again.

At the beginning of 2007, Andy had several injuries. However, he continued to play. 

He was at the quarter-finals of the Miami Masters when he had to forfeit the game due to a hamstring injury. 

He was then seeded third at the french open 

However, he could not turn the game in his favor and lost. Next, Roddick was seeded third in Wimbledon but he lost in the quarterfinals. 

In 2008 he started the year at a good pace however he was once again forced to forfeit due to a shoulder injury. He was beaten by Janko Tipsarevic from Serbia at Wimbledon.

Andy Roddick’s name got inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017.


Andy Rodrick a key investor in Travis Mathew Apparel, a golf apparel brand. He started his investments in this company back in 2003 and is now its brand ambassador as well as its co-owner. 

Rodrick also has a house in Austin, Texas with a swimming pool, Spa, Temperature controlled wine cellar, and an open kitchen worth 5.95 million dollars. 

In 2001 Andy bought a home in Boca Raton, Florida for $310 000 and sold it in 2012 for a sum of $350,000. Before his marriage, he also bought a Nyc apartment for 1.1 million dollars. Next, he bought a 1.8-acre lakefront property in Austen. This property was later listed for sale at $12.5 million.

Also paid $300,000 for a 2.75-acre land located in North Carolina. Finally, they bought a 15-acre property for 3.7 million in Austin, which they later built upon, ultimately selling it for $4.65 million.

Exquisite car collection

Andy also holds some collectible cars, including Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Aston Martin DB11, and Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400.

Charity Work

Andy Rodrick founded his charity foundation named “Andy Roddick Foundation” This foundation has the goal to help low-income students by providing them with high-quality summer learning opportunities that resemble a school-like environment. 

Andy Roddick started this organization when he was 17 years old in 2000. At this time, he ranked as the number one junior tennis player. 

Overall the foundation has collected a sum of more than 30 million dollars, with which around 79,000 children have had the opportunity to go through improvement training programs.

To conclude

Andy Roddick has been an inspiration to many. Not only was he an excellent sportsperson but he also helped those in need, as is evident by his charity foundation. He remains an inspiration to many.


Q) When did Andy Roddick play his last match?

  1. At age 30 in 2012 Andy Roddick played his final singles match. Although he continued his career in doubles for specific tournaments till much later. The last time he was out on the tennis field was in 2015.

Q) How many Grand Slam finals did Andy Roddick participate in?

  1. During his professional career, Andy Roddick took part in a total of five Grand Slams in the years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2009.

Q) Is Andy Roddick still fit?

  1. Even though he retired, Andy Roddick keeps working out and maintaining his stature.

Q) Did Roddick appear on TV?

  1. Roddick made an appearance on several TV shown, including Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ellen DeGeneres show, Saturday Night Live, and many many more.
What is Andy Roddick net worth? Know more

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