Free movie apps- Know More about it

Do you enjoy watching films? You can achieve this with only your smartphone and an internet connection. In this article we shall see Free movie apps.

Free movie apps

Even if there are innumerable movies and TV shows available online, it can be challenging to find a trustworthy streaming service that won’t bombard you with advertisements or dangerous links. 

The best course of action is to download free movie applications, which allow you to watch all of your favorite films anytime and anywhere.

The best 10 free movie applications that you should try.

Tubi TV

Topping the list of free movie apps is an application on Google Play and the Apple App Store is called Tubi TV. 

      It has a huge selection of independent films and TV series that are typically not seen on other websites or applications. 

Without registering or purchasing a membership, you may enjoy viewing from a variety of genres such as action, comedy, horror, kids, sci-fi, romance, and many more.

Peacock TV

Although it is a new mobile streaming service, nevertheless, Peacock TV is a service that provides high-quality entertainment without charging customers.

      You may watch up to 40,000 hours’ worth of free movies, series, and episodes on it as NBCUniversal’s streaming service division. 

Popular television show seasons like The Office and others are among them. Peacock TV shows advertisements for a possible five minutes every hour in exchange for providing you with free entertainment. 

Note that Peacock TV is only (currently) accessible in the US and certain of its regions.

Cyberflix TV

Consumers who prefer watching movies may access one of the free movie services, Cyberflix TV, which is a clone of Terrarium TV.

      This application includes hundreds of 4K, 1080p, and 720p (quality) movies and TV series, along with video links to each piece of material from the internet. 

It includes the most recent releases as well as timeless favorites and content from the Netflix and Hulu applications.

Your smart TV can display Cyberflix TV since Google Chromecast is compatible with it.


Vudu, which offers movies and shows that you can view without a subscription, is one of the best free movie programs.

      Additionally, you may download movies to view them offline, wherever you are. 

You may stream online whenever you want thanks to the Vudu app. Because Google Chromecast is compatible with this app, you may cast your preferred movie right to your smart TV.

OneBox HD

The newest movies and TV series are available on OneBox HD, making it one of the best free movie applications. 

      Action, comedy, documentaries, family, horror, mysteries, adventures, and history are just a few of the many genres you may select from.

To view films whenever and wherever you want without a subscription, OneBox HD allows you to search for and download them. 

      To watch movies, you also need a third-party player.

You can also cast movies using this application because of its compatibility with Google Chromecast.

MovieBox Pro

MovieBox Pro is one of the best free movie programs which features a simple user interface.

      Users of this app may take advantage of a number of features without having to log in or purchase a subscription.

With no irritating commercials interfering, MovieBox Pro offers a vast library of films and television programs divided into various genres, ratings, years of release, and content types. 

      When you sign up to be a VIP member, you may view your loved shows in HD resolution in addition to SD quality. 

To view your favorite movies on the go, you may also download them.


Movies and TV series on Crackle have a terrific cast and positive reviews despite being relatively old.

     You can easily locate what you’re looking for, by searching for material based on categories.

You may watch Crackle using the app on your device as it runs in its internal player. You may choose to watch with subtitles–or not, and even switch the audio track—typically from English to Spanish—if you’d like. 

Google Chromecast is compatible with this application as well.

MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD is a solid option if you’re among those searching for a ShowBox alternative after it went down. 

      Free movie applications often use an external player to play videos. 

MegaBox HD doesn’t have any advertising and supports HD-quality videos. There are no premiums or memberships required for this app. 

      Your loved movies and TV series are simple to download at any moment, and you may pick from the available subtitles.

Freeflix HQ

Access to movies, TV shows, animation, and sports is free thanks to Freeflix HQ. This program offers a number of connections, most of which are 720p in definition. 

      An integrated player, an intuitive user interface, and support for subtitles in over 50 languages are all features of Freeflix HQ.

Additionally, this app offers a Parental Control option that limits and stops the playback of any R-rated films.

IMDb Movies & TV shows application

Ending the list is IMDb which is among the greatest free movie applications available today. It provides the most recent information on movie releases and has a big library of films that have been divided into several genres for easier viewing.

The quick and straightforward user interface of this software makes it simple to explore and view videos. 

      You may use this app to access popular box office films with plot summaries to help you decide what to view next. 

You may use the search bar to find the movies you want to watch, or you can go through the list of top picks. 

      Any movie on IMDb is available for free, hassle-free streaming or downloading.


You can access thousands of free streaming movies thanks to the free movie applications on this list plus this is also a terrific way to watch your favorite shows. 

Free movie apps- Know More about it

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