Where’s My Refund Georgia?

Where’s My Refund is a government office for the Internal Revenue Service which refunds tax to its citizens. It is located in multiple states in the United States. Sometimes, some people have issues with getting their refund. This article helps people figure out what to do. Let us know ‘Where’s My Refund Georgia?’.

Where’s My Refund Georgia?

Where’s My Refund Georgia?

Where’s my refund for citizens in Georgia requires you to follow a few simple steps to get your refund. The way to do so is by submitting a return to the Department of Revenue in Georgia, which will then take around two to three weeks to process the return before being able to check your refund status.

What are the steps you need to do to check your refund status?

  1. You will need to submit a return and wait a couple of weeks to process before checking on your refund status
  2. After doing so, you will need your social security number of your tax payer and how much you are expecting to be refunded to you.
  3. Once you have gotten your taxpayers social security number and expected amount, you can check your refund status online or sign up for Georgia Tax Center account. The Georgia Tax Center account lets you view your status online and can also send you notifications.
  4. You can also call 877-423-6711 to check your refund status.

How do you submit a return to check your refund status?

To submit a return, you can do so by one of two ways. The first way is to file your return by paper. You need to mail your return where the post office will handle it and sort through before entering the data from your return into the system. The other way is to file online which you will then receive confirmation from your software once it has been received.

To file your return, you need to go to their website dor.georgia.gov and go to taxes where you will find an option that says “File My Return.” There are multiple instructions on that page to help you out. For example, you will need to complete a federal return before beginning with your Georgia return. There are also multiple instructions and forms for whichever form you are looking for.

You are provided with lists of links that will help you file the return you need among other options to be able to check your refund status.

How do you check your refund status?

As mentioned before, you can check your refund status online which does not require you to login to your account, or you can make an account for Georgia Tax Center. This will offer you both online access and notifications like when your refund will be received.

Another option is to call them by dialing 877-423-6711. Although calling is not the first option you should use, it is best to call only if your application or status has not changed in more than six weeks or if the department informs you to contact them.

What happens after you submit a return for your refund?

Before you can do anything about receiving your refund, there are four simple but rather long steps that need to take place before your refund is issued. The first step is for the Department of Revenue in Georgia with which you are issuing your return to process the begins by making sure there are no signs of fraud in the return that you have submitted. Checking for the signs that consist of fraudulence can take as little time as a day to as much time as six weeks.

The next step is to review the accuracy of your return to make sure all things are in place. This process takes between one and three weeks. Assuming the first step took all six weeks, then the second step would put you on the ninth week of waiting.

After the review has been made, there will need to be another week or two of final verifications to make sure that everything is in place.

Finally, there will be a week if not less taken to approve your refund and make the preparations required, in which case the refund will have been issued. Lastly, you can receive your refund in one of two ways. The first way would be the direct deposit, which will be sent straight to your back account. The second way is through a paper check which will need two weeks if not more to receive your check in the mail.


If you are a citizen of Georgia and are unsure of what to do to get your refund on your taxes then you need to follow these simple steps to get back what is rightfully yours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do you file a return?

You can go to dor.georgia.gov and head to taxes then file my return and follow the instructions.

  1. How long does it take to get your refund?

It will take 12 weeks at most to process everything and approve your refund.

  1. Can you receive your refund via a check?

That is possible but you will also need to wait two more weeks if that is the payment method that you prefer.

Where’s My Refund Georgia?

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