The Oregon Trail Card and SNAP Benefits

Oregon residents can apply and enjoy SNAP benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). In Oregon, this program is run through the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS). The SNAP program administers monthly food benefits to eligible low-income people and families. The benefits are provided through the Oregon Trail Card the region’s version of the national EBT card. Reading this article will help Oregon residents know what they did not know about the Oregon Trail Card and how to apply for the SNAP benefits through this card. Here we will see about The Oregon Trail Card and SNAP Benefits

Oregon receives SNAP benefits through the Oregon trail card. The SNAP benefits are deposited into the card monthly. The SNAP benefits cater to food budgets for low-income families. The Oregon Trail Card serves as Oregon’s version of the national EBT card for Oregon residents. If you are an Oregon resident and you do not know much about the Oregon Trail Card and the SNAP benefits continue reading this article because it explains what you need to know about the application of SNAP benefits using the Oregon Trail Card.

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The Oregon Trail Card and SNAP Benefits

What the Oregon Trail Card?

The Oregon Trail card works like a debit card/ a credit card could do. It is the state’s version of the national EBT card for residents who reside in Oregon. The card is used for state benefits which include benefits from SNAP and TANF. When you apply and qualify for the SNAP funds in Oregon you can use the Oregon Trail Card to get your benefits. The SNAP benefits are deposited on the card monthly. When the card receives the funds you can swipe it at authorized retail food stores that are participants of the program and purchase eligible food and food products after you input your pin.

How to check for the qualification of the Oregon trail card SNAP benefits

Before the application for the Oregon SNAP benefits, one has to ensure that they qualify for the benefits. To qualify for this program, one must be an Oregon resident and meet any of the following qualifications:

1. Have a current bank balance of under 2001 dollars, both the savings and the checking together.

2. For households living with a person with a disability or persons who are aged 60 years and above, the balance in their accounts should be under 3001 dollars, with the savings and checking combined.

The household size and the annual income (before taxes) also determine the number of benefits you will receive. You must have an annual household income below the following amounts to qualify for the SNAP benefits.

1 member17667 dollars
2 members23803 dollars
3 members29939 dollars
4 members36075 dollars
5 members42211 dollars
6 members48347 dollars
7 members54483 dollars
8 members60619 dollars
Each additional member+ 6136 dollars

You can also check if you qualify for the benefits by calling 1-866-698-6155 and getting more information about the qualifications. Seniors (60 years and above) and people living with disabilities can reach out to the Oregon Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) through this number 1-855-673-2372 to get more information about the benefits.

How to apply for the Oregon SNAP benefits

There are three ways one can apply for the Oregon SNAP benefits, they include an online application, contact application, and application by mail/fax.

1. Online application

To apply for the benefits online, you need to open an ODHS Oregon Eligibility (ONE) account. To open the account, visit the Oregon website via this link and set up your account. After the online account is set up it allows you to apply for new benefits, report changes, and reapply for current benefits.

2. Contact application

You can contact a local ODHS office and apply for the SNAP benefits. For families and individuals contact a local self-sufficiency office while for aging persons (60 years and above) and those living with disabilities contact a local Aging and People with Disabilities office to make your applications.

3. Application by mail/fax

You can download an Oregon SNAP benefits application form, fill it out by hand and mail or fax it to the ODHS or drop it at your local pertinent office. You can also send your application to the ODHS by email.


The Oregon Trail Card is used just like the normal credit or debit cards. It is used to receive the Oregon SNAP benefits which are used to cater to food budgets each month for families and individuals with low income. The application for the Oregon SNAP benefits is an easy process that can be done online, by contact, or by mail application. After the application process, it takes a short time after which the details provided are verified your application is approved you can start enjoying the SNAP benefits monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does SNAP stand for?

SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and it is what was recently called the Food Stamp Program.

2. What are Oregon SNAP benefits?

These are funds given to people and families with low-income and are mainly used to cater to food budgets. The funds are channeled to these people via the Oregon Trail card which allows them to purchase eligible foods at authorized retail food stores.

3. How often are the SNAP benefits offered to an individual or family after application and qualification?

When you apply and qualify for the SNAP funds, you are eligible to receive the benefits loaded into your Oregon Trail Card each month. You can use the funds to purchase foods at retail food stores qualified for the SNAP program.

The Oregon Trail Card and SNAP Benefits

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