US Bank Routing Numbers Illinois

Each bank has its unique routing number, which is the same for all accounts at that bank. This bank assigns unique account numbers for each account at that bank and if you have several accounts at the same bank, you will notice the routing number is the same for all accounts, but the account numbers are different for each account. This is because you can use your bank routing and account numbers for various things. You need this information to order new checks. The most important use is for direct deposits such as paychecks. So What is the US Bank Routing numbers for Illinois State? The answer to this and all other information concerning it will be discussed below

US Bank Routing Numbers Illinois

US Bank Routing Numbers Illinois 

The routing numbers for Southern Illinois US bank in the United States is 081202759 while that of Northern Illinois in the same country is 071904779 and they are both used for checking and savings accounts. Be aware that routing numbers is not simply a case of each bank having exactly one routing number, it functions more than that because the number is used for all purposes. The routing number may vary by account, and it may also depend on what the routing number will be used for. 

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US Bank ACH routing Numbers For Wire Transfer

Another thing to consider if you are making a transfer through a domestic wire transfer or a direct deposit is the ACH routing number or routing number and the numbers are 122105155. While the ACH Routing number for international wire transfer is 122235822 but anything other than that like transferring money into an international account through wire payments will make use of the Swift Code. Just like the routing number, Swift Code also varies from state to state and city to city but the general Swift Code for US banks is USBKUS44IMT.

List Of Other US Bank Routing Number And Their Location:

  • US Bank Routing Number for Alabama is 091000022
  • US Bank Routing Number for Arizona is 122105155
  • US Bank Routing Number for Southern California is 122235821
  • US Bank Routing Number For Northern California is 121122676
  • US Bank Routing Number For Delaware is 091000022
  • US Bank Routing Number for Columbia district is 091000022
  • US Bank Routing Number for Florida is 091000022
  • US Bank Routing Number For Indiana is 074900783
  • US Bank Routing Number For Kansas is 101000187

How Do You Find Your Bank Routing Number As a US Bank User?

ACH Routing numbers are meant to be public information for people to have quick and easy access to. In some certain parts of the United States, Routing numbers are the same while in others they are different. This is why you need to be aware of your bank routing number before performing any transaction. The easiest step in determining a bank’s routing number is to type it on a search engine (google) and it will locate that of your district for you. Other methods are:

  • Through check: The routing number is usually the first nine numbers present in the lower-left corner of the check handy.
  • Through Customer Support Service: This is another method you can use to know your routing number. All you have to do is get in contact with their customer service. Make sure you input your bank’s correct customer service number because contacting the wrong bank may lead to the wrong transaction.
  • Through their mobile app: Almost all financial institutions are making use of the digital platform, therefore it would not be a difficult task for someone using the Wells Fargo online banking app to locate their routing number. All you need to do is to log in to the app with your online account to find the routing number and your account number on the customer’s dashboard.
  • Through Fedwire: Fedwire is a real-time gross transfer system that allows banks or financial institutions to transfer money through an electronic transfer medium. You can locate your routing number through Fedwire by using your name or the city or state you reside in to search for it. It is also useful to double-check the one you have.

Benefits Of US Bank Routing Number 

Your routing number is important information for any transaction that is going on within the bank. All financial institutions make use of it in the United States, and knowing your routing number will allow you to pay bills online, make a wire transfer to international accounts, and set up a direct deposit.


The routing number for US banks for southern and northern Illinois have been listed above. If you also need knowledge concerning the other state routing number you will also find it in this article. All other information concerning the US Bank routing number has been discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  •  How can I get the routing number for my US bank card if I do not have the card?

No, the card ever has a routing number. The routing number is used along with your actual account number. It’s virtually always listed on your bank’s website.

  • What is the US Bank ReliaCard routing number?

The ReliaCard, like other debit cards, does not have a routing number. It has a card number. Banks have routing numbers. The US Bank account your ReliaCard is linked to is identified by a routing number and an account number that is different from the number on your ReliaCard.

US Bank Routing Numbers Illinois

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