Does Corner Bakery Accept Apple Pay/EBT/American Express?

Corner Bakery Café was founded in the year 1991, in Chicago, United States. Corner Bakery is very popular because of its amazing pastries, breakfast, kinds of pasta, sandwiches, salads, bread, and soups. It has 195 locations in the United States. The headquarters of Corner Bakery is located in Dallas, Texas. You can also enjoy Corner Bakery at your home by ordering from their website. When people go to the restaurant they like paying their bills through digital wallets as it is the most convenient method of payment. Similarly, when you talk about Corner Bakery, it accepts Apple Pay but not other payment methods like EBT or American Express. Payment can also be done with a credit or debit card. If we talk about the payment at Corner Bakery on delivery, then it is sad to say that it does not accept payment through Apple Pay on online orders. 

Does Corner Bakery Accept Apple Pay/EBT/American Express?

Corner Bakery Café 

You can find different coffees, breakfast options, desserts, pasta, etc at the Corner Bakery Café. All these options are available in a range from $1.99 to $8.40. There are also many deals available under $10.00. You can enjoy your meals at reasonable prices. The best thing on their menu is Tuna Salad Sandwich and Chocolate Chip Cookie; you must try these if you have not yet.  Corner Bakery also let its customers order online through their website.  You also get rewards like $25 on your next order or Amazon gift cards on bills that are more than $500. 

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Payment by Apple Pay/EBT/American Express at Corner Bakery

The question here is does Corner Bakery accept Apple Pay/EBT/American Express? The answer is yes for Apple Pay and no for EBT and American Express. You can use Apple Pay only in stores as there is no option for online orders yet.  Let’s discuss apple pay and how to make payments with it at Corner Bakery.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay was invented in 2014 by Apple INC. It allows users to pay with their Apple devices by just entering information and credit card details. So make sure you have a valid credit card and an account on iCloud. Apple Pay has become very famous over the past few years and has millions of users. But one thing that is sad about Apple Pay is that android users don’t have any access to it. 

Method to use Apple Pay at Corner Bakery

As you know, Corner Bakery started taking payments with Apple Pay only a few months ago. This option is only available at stores now. When you are done eating at the café, you can pay your bill by putting your iPhone or Apple Watch close to the reader and confirming it by your Face ID or Fingerprint. So, whenever you are going to the Corner Bakery café make sure you have set up your Apple Pay account. 

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Corner Bakery Café

Apple Pay is famous because of the following reasons:

  1. Payments are done faster.
  2. Safe and secure payment method.
  3. No need to wait in lines
  4. You get 3% cashback on transactions.
  5. It is just one tap payment and saves your time. 
  6. No need to carry cash or credit/debit cards with you. 

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

It is an encoded payment card used for payments in The United States. It allows users to get benefits from SNAP. You cannot make payments with this at Corner Bakery because they don’t accept it. 

American Express

American Express provides payment card services in the United States. You can get a lot of discounts by paying American Express. But not all the places take American Express, and Corner Bakery is one of them. So, if you are thinking to pay with American Express then forget about it because Corner Bakery Express will not accept it. 

Other Payment Methods at Corner Bakery 

There are very less payment options at the Corner Bakery. You can only pay with a credit or Debit card other than Apple Pay. Most people prefer to pay with Apple Pay when they are at the café. 


Corner Bakery is famous for its breakfast and sandwiches. People come here in the morning or evening to enjoy coffee with their famous chocolate chip cookie. When it comes to payment, everyone prefers paying bills with Apple Pay because it benefits you by saving time and money. American Express and EBT are not used at Corner Bakery but in the future, they might also accept payments with these two methods. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of pasta at Corner Bakery?

Answer: The cost of pasta at Corner Bakery ranges from $7 to $10

Q: Does Corner Bakery Take Google Pay?

Answer: No, you can only make payments by credit/debit card or Apple Pay.

Q: What is the average per-hour pay at Corner Bakery?

Answer: The average per-hour pay at Corner Bakery ranges from $8.35 to $17.80.

Q: Are there any family deals available at Corner Bakery?

Answer: Yes, there are family meal deals available at Corner Bakery Café. You can select any four items from their menu for just $34.00.

Does Corner Bakery Accept Apple Pay/EBT/American Express?

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