Does It Matter Where You Buy Gift Cards?

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what to get friends and family members as gifts. For the last few years, it seems like gift cards have been taking up more and more of that pre-holiday brain space.  If you’re short on time, having an instant gift on hand that doesn’t require shipping or in-store shopping is unbeatable. Because of this, many people prefer to purchase gift cards from major retailers such as Amazon and Target. Does where you buy gift cards matter? Does the retailer have any effect on the final value of the card? Buying your gift card at a local store means not having to worry about your card being lost in the mail or going unclaimed because it was purchased online. Additionally, stores offer promotions on their gift cards sometimes as a way to drive more foot traffic into their stores, so they are trying to entice you as much as possible with that promotion. 

Does It Matter Where You Buy Gift Cards?

On the business side, retailers love gift cards because they are a great way to drive more sales. They don’t cost much to produce or ship out, and people tend to spend more money when using one because they don’t have to worry about getting change back at the register.

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Where to Buy Online Gift Cards

You might think it doesn’t matter who you purchase your gift card from a big box retailer, a local store, or an online deal. But did you know that some gift cards expire soon after purchase? There are also times when a card can be lost or stolen before it’s even received by the recipient. It’s not always best to save a buck when choosing which company sells your gift card.

Where to Buy In-Store Gift Cards

Many people want to purchase an in-store gift card at a retailer they frequent (e.g Walmart etc) but are unsure whether that’s their best option. The short answer is yes! More often than not, in-store gift cards will be discounted when compared with online offers from many vendors—including those same brick-and-mortar retailers who you might visit weekly.

The Pros and dark sides of purchasing a Gift Cards

Gift cards are convenient and easy to give out, especially when you’re on a deadline to get someone a present, and they can save you money if you buy them in bulk. Where should you buy gift cards? Does it matter where you buy them? Although major retailers offer gift cards, there are pros and cons to purchasing them.

The pros:

Buying gift cards from major retailers means that you know that your purchases will be accepted at any location where the card is valid. This means that if you buy a gift card for your friend who lives in a particular location, it’s just as good in that specific region as it is at their local Starbucks. Buying from smaller retailers can be difficult because some of them only accept credit cards issued by their stores.

The cons:

Buying gift cards from major retailers means that you’re paying more than if you bought them from smaller retailers—which might not matter to some people, but it would matter to others. That money could go toward other things—like a bigger house or a nicer car—if it weren’t spent on this particular purchase. Plus, buying from major retailers isn’t always as easy as just picking one up at the local boutique; sometimes they have different policies or require special forms of identification before they’ll sell you a gift card.

The downside to purchasing a retailer-specific card is that not every retailer will have a gift card for every other retailer. Gift cards are region-specific and store-specific. If you purchase a gift card for someone but they only shop at a specific outlet, they won’t be able to use it until they find a store that carries those cards. If your goal is to maximize savings when purchasing a gift card, consider how much you would be spending on your purchase to determine which type of card has the most value for your money.


Buying from major retailers ensures that your loved ones will be able to get exactly what they want! If they have their heart set on something specific—like a particular brand of clothing or shoes—then this is the way to go! Plus, since these companies have such wide distribution networks, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find what you’re looking for at one of their stores.

On one hand, purchasing gift cards from major retailers is convenient. You can pick up a card at any store in your area or even online, give it to someone else, and have them pick it up later at their favorite store.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do gift cards exist in retail outlets?

Gift cards have become more popular over time for a variety of reasons. They can be given for special occasions like birthdays or wedding showers, and they make thoughtful holiday presents. With so many different types of gift cards now available, it’s no wonder that recipients appreciate getting to choose what they want with their card instead of having someone else buy something off their list for them.

Does It Matter Where You Buy Gift Cards?

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