How Do I Find My Spark Wifi Password?

Wifi is the wireless network your mobile, computer, and tablets use to connect to the internet. Spark wifi operates at specific zones and phone booths around New Zealand, allowing users to access the internet. If you are looking for your Spark wifi password as a new user, you may find your wifi password on the base or back of your modem. Likewise, you can access your network password, encryption key, or wireless local area network key (WLAN) through the base or back of your Spark wifi modem.

How Do I Find My Spark Wifi Password?

To connect to the service, you have to accept the terms and follow the connection instructions. There are personal terms and conditions and business terms and conditions for people who use the service for their businesses. Lets see How Do I Find My Spark Wifi Password?

Personal Terms and Conditions

  1. General Terms 

The general terms are for everyone and entail the basic things you should know about using Spark Wifi.

  1. Mobile and wireless/ Fixed line Terms

This covers Spark’s services connected to your house using the mobile and wireless terms( this covers all the services that run over the Spark network, wireless broadband plan, and mobile plans) and service commented through fixed lines like fiber or copper.

  1. Plan Terms

Some service plans have specific rules and terms that apply to them. You can also call these terms “offer summaries.”

Business Terms

The Spark service is not only available for personal use. Businesses also make use of the service, and just like personal users, there are rules and terms for the business operators;

  • The general business terms apply to users regardless of the product and services supplied to you by Spark.
  • And there are the Business product terms applying only to specific products as services supplied to or rendered by Spark.

Other Terms

Other terms include competitions, Spark policies, communication terms, promotional offers, retired terms, etc.

Your wifi Security

The Spark modem is set up with a password to keep your internet connection safe and secure. Some types of wifi security include;

  • WEP: this is the old standard security, and Spark no longer supports this type of security
  • WPA
  • WPA2

Spark modems make use of the WPA and WPA2 devices.

Network name

The wifi network name is unique to your modem. Check the back of the base of your modem. You’ll find a sticker with its default wifi network name.

Wifi Password

Still, on the back or base of your modem, you’ll see your wifi password. Search for the WLAN (wireless local area network) key, network password, or encryption key.

Connecting to Spark wifi 

  1. Go to your device’s wireless settings; look for the Wifi network name or SSID called “Spark wifi” or “Spark wifi lite.”
  2. Select whichever wifi name you see.
  3. After a few moments, you’ll see the Spark wifi signup page.
  4. If you are signing in with your social media account, select the type(Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and enter your username and password.
  5. You can also sign in with your email by clicking the right email icon and entering the required information.
  6. A premium option for Spark wifi or Spark wifi is sometimes available. You can pay for this service with your credit card; you get faster network speeds for a specific period. To purchase the premium package of your choice, press the “get premium” button; it’ll take you to the payment screen/page;
  • Choose the package you’d like to pay for
  • Click the buy button; this will take you to the summary page. There’s also an option to connect multiple devices using this account.
  • Enter your payment details using the secure payment form; your credit card information will be required.
  • Click the “pay now” button to finalize your comment process.
  1. Connect to the wifi network with your other devices if you have activated multiple device access. Enter your pin and email to get connected.

Free trial:

A free trial of use is available in some locations. The login buttons will be shown on the user experience portal if available in your area. Also, you can try some free links on the welcome portal or visit

Safety of my card details when I pay online: 

Spark uses an encrypted and secure payment gateway directly linked to the credit card payment processing company. Your credit card details are not stored when you enter your details.


To find password, Spark offers users a great wifi connection service, and the whole signup process is fast and 100% secure. If you follow the processes listed above, finding your wifi password is one of the easiest things 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many devices can I connect to at the same time?

The Spark system only allows one user account to be logged in on just one device at a time. Some sites offer a multiple account discount; multiple device logins can only work with this service.

Can I save my purchase time?

No. You can’t save your purchase time for later use; if you purchase 6 hours of internet, it’ll expire once the 6 hours elapses, whether you used it for the whole 6 hours or didn’t use it at all.

How Do I Find My Spark Wifi Password?

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