Stimulus Update Could Pennsylvania Residents Receive Another $2000

Could Pennsylvania residents receive another $2000? Gov. Tom Wolf had suggested that the legislature release the remaining federal stimulus money to fund Pennsylvanians $2000. Gov. Wolf together with Patty Kim in Harrisburg urged the state lawmakers to make into law the PA Opportunity program to assist Pennsylvanians burdened with the increasing cost of living. The governor argued that his plan will help families and workers reeling from the hard economic times caused by COVID 19 pandemic. The direct checks will help households that are still rebuilding their savings, recovering from pandemic-related costs, and stabilizing their budgets. Let us see about Stimulus Update Could Pennsylvania Residents Receive Another $2000.

Stimulus Update Could Pennsylvania Residents Receive Another 2000

No money will go directly to Pennsylvania as requested by Gov. Tom Wolf. The $2000 checks were not included in the passed state budget worth $45.2 billion. Instead, the remaining federal stimulus money was to fund programs. We will explore more about the programs below.

The Pennsylvania Opportunity Program

  • Housing
  • Childcare
  • Conservation and clean water
  • Nursing homes
  • Mental health
  • Property tax relief
  • Law enforcement
  • Miscellaneous

stimulus Pennsylvania Opportunity Program Overview

According to Spotlight PA, the remaining federal stimulus money will fund programs as follows:


Lawmakers released a total of $375 million to the housing program. The housing program aims to assist with affordable housing units in the state. The $125 million of the total housing program fund goes to the Whole Home Repair Program.

The Whole Home Program will then give loans to landlords and homeowners to assist them in renovating their homes. Only landlords with less than 15 properties and homeowners with no more than 80% of the income qualify for the money. The $100 million goes to developers and nonprofits company, with 150 million going to agencies. It’ll help them to cater to rising construction costs.


The childcare program will give childcare providers grants to assist them in catering to staff. The one-time payment of $2,500 will cater to existing staff wages. It will roll up to $90 million until the expiring of federal in 2026.

Conservation and Clean Water

The conservation and clean water program will receive $640 million. The fund will ensure state residents have clean water, proper sewage systems, and maintenance.

Out of $640 million, a fund worth $320 million will goes to the water department to help them in the water programs and exercises. Mine runoff, preservation, and farm cleaning will receive $220 million. The remaining $100 million will cater to state park developments, repair, and rehabilitation.

Nursing Homes

The home care agencies, adult care, and nursing homes will receive a one-time payment worth $250 million. This will goes only to long-term facilities.

Mental Health

A total of $100 million will go to Adult Mental Health Program. The fund will address problems in law enforcement, legislators, cabinet secretaries, and health care industries.

Property Tax Relief

A 70% will fund the current property tax relief program for disabled people and those over 65 years old. The program will receive a fund worth $140 million.

Law Enforcement

A total of $260 million will fund law enforcement agencies to assist them in upgrading technology, supporting recruitment efforts, and prosecuting gun violence. Out of $260 million, a fund worth $135 million will cater to hiring nontraditional police personnel and upgrading or purchasing new equipment.


The various program will award as follows:

  • $3.8 million for public libraries,
  • $15 million to arts and culture nonprofits
  • $3 for biotech research
  • $25 million for utility relief
  • Emergency pandemic  $1.4 million
  • $35 million for the student loan relief program
  • $42.33 million for the state’s Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund

Could The Pennsylvania Residents Receive Another $2000? 

No money will go directly to Pennsylvania as requested by Gov. Tom Wolf. Jason Gottesman suggested that the state looks for other means, as the money was not included in the final state budget worth $45.2 billion.

Gottesman said that using the remaining stimulus money to fund $2000 directly to Pennsylvania would create more problems. The state PA suggestion to fund programs such as health, education, water, etc., will improve Pennsylvanians’ current situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)How Much Is The PA Stimulus Check?

The PA stimulus check program suggestion was that $500 million would provide $2000 direct payment to Pennsylvania residents with less than $80,000 income.

2) Who Qualifies For An Additional Stimulus Check?

To qualify for an additional stimulus check Pennsylvania, your income should be not above $75,000, $112,500 households, and married couples should not be above $150,000.

3) What Will Happen To Pennsylvania Sitted $2000 Federal ARPA Dollars If The State Doesn’t Take Action?

If the state doesn’t take action against the $2000 billion in federal ARPA dollars, the fund will go back to the federal government.

4) What was Wolf’s Support Program?

Wolf’s $1.7 billion proposal includes $225 million in support for small businesses, $204 million for direct property tax relief, $325 million for Pennsylvania’s healthcare system, and $450 million to invest in the conservation, preservation, and revitalization of Pennsylvania communities.

Stimulus Update Could Pennsylvania Residents Receive Another $2000

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