How Much Land Do You Need For A Farmers Permit In Kansas?

The State of Kansas is known for its famous wheat production and is by far the largest wheat-producing state in the United States. It is by far the most important of the sixteen farming States in the US. The location of the state, including its climate, rainfall, and soil, makes it very central to the overall agricultural sector. The state, however, makes it a prerequisite for all farm hands to have a farm permit before they can operate any farm vehicle. To apply for the farm permit, however, you do not have to own any landed property but the farmer parent or employer needs to own at least 20 acres. All you need as the applicant is parental consent, a farm affidavit, and a few other things. This article has been specifically written to give you insight into all things farmers permit in the State of Kansas.

How Much Land Do You Need For A Farmers Permit In Kansas?

Purpose of the farm permit in the State of Kansas

A farm permit is generally issued to farm hands, teenagers, or young adults between the ages 14 and 16 who work and operate farm vehicles like a tractor or a four-wheeler. This is to ensure that, even if they may not have a drivers license, they are still certified to drive farm machinery within the confines of the farm.

Requirements for obtaining a farms permit in Kansas.

As earlier said, working farm tools and machines do not necessarily require a drivers license, but the following are necessary.

  1. Acute vision – you are either certified to have a 20/60 natural vision or you are using a corrective lens that gives you such. In a nutshell, the state needs to know you are not visually impaired to constitute a danger to yourself, potential passengers, passersby, or other drivers.
  2. Proof-of-identity – as with any form of application, certified proof of identity is required to apply for a farm permit.
  3. Parental consent – since the applicant has to be below the age of 17, parental consent is an important requirement; either they are the farm owner or you are working on someone else’s farm
  4. Farm affidavit – this affidavit should be prepared by the farm owner and it must state the exact expanse of land the farm covers. Note that the farmland must not be less than 20 acres.

Latitudes covered by the farm permit

While the farmers permit gives a minor in the State of Kansas to drive farm automobiles, there are rules to follow. They are listed below.

  1. The licensee of a farm permit is allowed to drive other vehicles, not necessarily farm vehicles, in and out of the farm on duties related to the farm only.
  2. You can only drive between the hours 5:00am and 9:00pm.
  3. You are also allowed to drive to and from school or school-related activities.
  4. The farm permit licensee can also drive to and from religious centers or any religiously organized event.

Driving liberties not permitted by the farm permit

  1. A holder of the farmers permit who is less than sixteen and a half (16 ½) is not allowed to drive in kansas, as a passenger, any minor (below 18 years) that is not their sibling. In other words, you cannot give a minor friend a lift.
  2. As a farm permit licensee, you are not allowed to operate or use a wireless communications device. The only exception to this is if you are on your way to report an emergency, call for help, and or security officials.

Penalties for defaulting driving rules for farm permit licensees

  1. If you have been found guilty of any of the above stated offenses, the state is at liberty to revoke your farm permit for a year. This also applies if you have been involved in moving vehicle accidents on more than two occasions.
  2. If you were below 16 and you were involved in a moving vehicle accident more than two times, you will not be issued a normal driver’s license until the age of 17. If you were above 16 when that happens, you will be delayed till you are 18 before you are issued a normal driver’s license.
  3. Licensees are required to complete at least fifty hours (50hrs) daylight and ten hours (10hrs) night of adult-supervised driving before they clock 16. Failure to provide this evidence means they cannot be issued a normal driver’s license until they clock 17 years.


The State of Kansas encourages every available hand on the farm to be put to work which is why it has put in place the farm permit for minors. Nobody expects minors to own farmlands, however, they must either live or work on one to be eligible for getting a farm permit.

  1. Can I take my farm permit test online?

The State of Kansas has made writing its farm permit test easy by making it available online. This means that minors do not have to go out of their homes to write the exams.

  1. How many questions are there on the Kansas farm permit test?

There are 25 questions in all and you are required to pass at least 20 of those questions before you can be eligible for the farm permit.

  1. How many times am I permitted to retake the farm permit test?

If you did not pass the first time around, the state permits a retake of, at most, 5 times.

How Much Land Do You Need For A Farmers Permit In Kansas?

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