How Much To Tip Movers?

At some point in life, everyone had to move out, to shift those goods for a new adventure ahead. But it drains a lot of energy and needs a constant watch. To pack those materials separately, label those boxes, and most important contact a mover and get your things moved. Now all these things are done you are at a stage all confused about whether to tip the movers or not. Well if you are kind and respect the hard work of the people who helped in moving then a little would hurt nobody. A basic rule of tipping is to always give at least 5% and a maximum of 10 to 15%. Tips can range from 5 to 20% of the cost. This range depends upon many factors, of all the most important is whether you like the work done by them.

How Much To Tip Movers?

Factors that define the tipping system

Safety of your goods

The way they take your parcel and place them in the vehicle and the way they deliver them matters a lot.At times your goods might contain some glass material or a beautiful china set, you don’t want them to break. You can tip generously if you find all the above conditions performed perfectly. But if you find something broken you can inform them or tip a bit less. 

You should expect the worker or helper to value your goods and be kept to the location safe and sound. If you open the box too late you can complain to the company. But for the good of everyone, it would be better to inform the worker from the beginning.

Speed of delivery

Time matters a lot, especially in this fast-moving world. The faster your things are delivered, the better. You can tip them accordingly. The earlier the better. If you have some delay in the schedule it is better to inform the tip movers. For the safety of the goods, keep them wrapped and packed in bubble wraps to prevent any harm. The range of the tip is quite flexible and can be altered according to the situation.


Speed factor for delivery also depends upon the distance. If the destination is close by, you can reduce your tip. But if the destination is far away that can take days to deliver then surely tip them well. This will also include the sleep sacrifice and the small meal break expense. 

Quantity and size of the goods.

Your tip also depends upon the boxes to be moved. If there are a lot of goods and large enough then do tip them good. It takes a lot of energy to lift those goods above or down the stairs. Some apartments do not have elevators while some forbid the use of elevators for goods. The worker might have to carry it on his shoulders to your place and no one wants the pivot scene from friends to happen in reality. It will only cost you more.So it is better to tip the worker well.

The company

The type of company and its status might affect the tip of the worker. Already famous companies will have experienced workers and work meticulously to avoid any accidents. The company might also cost you more than others and hence the rate of tips increases directly.

Such workers might be in the habit of receiving generous tips from customers.Search and inquire about a budget-friendly mover and a reliable name for moving the packages.The tip depends upon the material and its condition before and after. Remember the general tip rule and tip accordingly.


• There is no need to pay the workers individually unless you feel that the moving requires a lot of effort.

• The tip is 5 to 20 percent of the total cost.

• The worker might be shy to ask for a tip to movers. You should know the law to tip them. They put in a lot of physical energy and might work on wages. A few dollars of a tip will make their day.

• Easy tip calculator

It is a very easy formula to remember 

Take the percentage of tip you want to give as “x”

Take the amount of total cost as “y”.

Multiply the percent and the total cost as “XY”

Divide the amount by 100. 

The result is the amount of tip you need to offer. Your desirable amount of tip should be near the value you received. 


Tip percent: 15

Total cost: 200


Now you can generate a range of tips near this value as 20 to 40 dollars tip. 


The goal of this tip is to make somebody smile and spread joy and love and a small message to be generous and a chance to be a better human.

How Much To Tip Movers?

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