Snap Buy Pet Food EBT Card Food Stamps – Know More

 Whether you are a dog or a cat person, the love and care for your pet is a never-ending thing. Animals who live with us become one of our family members and taking care of their nourishment becomes one of the essential parts of our life. Even if you are tight with finance and have a lot of things going on in your mind you need to maintain the good health of your pet. And for that, you may want to know about Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) EBT card food stamps. Continue with the article to know more detail. 

Snap Buy Pet Food EBT Card Food Stamps

Unfortunately, SNAP does not allow buying pet food via EBT card food stamps. It allows you to purchase food for your family members with who live you live, unfortunately, it does not recognize your pet as one of the members. Howbeit, if you get the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefit issued through your EBT card, you might be able to buy food for your pet. Although you can buy healthy and nutritious food with SNAP, it also does not allow items like tobacco and alcohol. The product like vegetables and fruits, dairy products, bread & cereals, different snack foods, non-alcoholic beverages, poultry, meat, seeds, and plants., etc.         

What is SNAP?

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the largest federal nutrition assistance program. People in low-income categories are eligible to take the benefits of the program. It is done via Electronic Benefits Transfer card, used as a debit card to purchase eligible food products from authorized retail shops. Also known as Food Stamps SNAP. As the country arises from the Great Depression, regulating the growing food surpluses with concerned with the needs of the poor. The Food Stamp program of 1939 and the early 1960s Pilot Program was introduced, SNAP was antedate of these two original programs.

Following are the list of product allowed to buy with SNAP; 

  • Eatables like bread and cereals
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Poultry, meats, and fish
  • Dairy products 
  • Plants and seeds to produce food
  • Candies, soft drinks, cookies, crackers, etc
  • Bakery food, steaks, seafood, and very nutritious food. 

 Following are the items that CAN NOT use SNAP benefits; 

  • Liquor, alcoholic products, tobacco, or cigarettes 
  • Non-food items like; Pet food, soap, papers, and household supplies
  • Medicines and vitamins
  • Food that is eaten in the stores
  • Animals are not allowed to be purchased via SNAP. 

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families 

If you receive TANF benefits through your EBT card you may be able to buy pet food. This program provides financial help by providing grant funds to states and territories.

To qualify for TANF benefit there are some categories you must fit in; you must be a citizen of the U.S, a legal alien or qualified alien, must live in the state you applied in, unemployed or underemployed, and have a very low income. Another thing you must have is; to have an 18 years old child or younger, be pregnant, or be 18 years of age or younger while being the head of your household. Your state must issue the TANF benefits to you so you can withdraw money from ATM to buy the pet food items. 

Other options than SNAP 

Several resources can understand your need to take care of your loving furry friend and can get pet food with no or less money. Here are some places; 

  • The Humane Society – offers financial support and donations by providing a complete guide for pet food and veterinary care. It provides state by state directory to help you find pet food assistance in the local area. 
  • Red Rover – is a nonprofit organization, it gives financial assistance to the rough income pet owners. It provides help to the victim of domestic violence and COVID-19.
  • CoFund My Pet – it helps you find pet food banks and pantries in your local area by providing an online directory. 
  • The Pet Fund – provides monetary assistance to the low-income pet owner for veterinary care.  
  • PetSmart Charity – they offer help with pet food and other needed supplies to the elderly through meals and wheels. 


Conclusively, you can possibly buy pet food using food stamps, but only using TANF benefits. Pay in cash withdrawn from ATM via EBT card. Otherwise, you may buy human-grade food with your EBT card and can cook for your pet, but this process will be time-consuming and difficult. There are many local pet banks and organizations which can be a great help in getting your furry fluffy friend a bowl of good notorious food every day without you being worried about it. 



Q1) Does target accept EBT? 

Ans1) Yes, target accepts EBT cards. 

Q2) What is the minimum age to get food stamps?

Ans2) In general if you are 22 years of age and are living with your parents then you must be the art of their SNAP plan. 

Snap Buy Pet Food EBT Card Food Stamps – Know More

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