Which Is Cheaper Whole Foods Or Fresh Market?

Whole foods Market is a multinational supermarket chain situated in Austin, Texas. This company sells products that are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The chain is certified by USDA, which provides certified groceries in the United States. It has been known for its organic selection of foods. In North America, it has got 500 stores and, in the U.K, it has seven stores. The Fresh Market was established on the 5th of March, 1982. The first store was started in October 2012 in Roseville, California. Fresh Market offers its customers a large variety of fruits that are beyond of reach of people. Let us see Which Is Cheaper Whole Foods Or Fresh Market?

Which Is Cheaper Whole Foods Or Fresh Market?

In 2017, when Whole Foods Market was recognized by Amazon, Whole Foods has now become less expensive than Fresh Market. Prior to that, it was 10-20% more expensive than the Fresh Market. The prices of the Whole Foods Market and the Fresh Market are almost identical. Before Amazon has taken over, Whole Foods Market in 2017, the prices were 10-20% more expensive.

The Reason Behind The Expensive Price Of Whole Foods Market :

The Fresh Market was founded by a couple to start a store that resembles European Stores. Now, the store has 159 stores in 22 states and Apollo Global Management has acquired it. Whole Foods Market was acquired by Amazon in 2017. These two private companies are competitors in their respective fields. In 2010, when the company was not undertaken by the private Organization, it raised $290 million but after the privatization, it lost its glorious surge.

On the other hand, Whole Foods was experiencing rapid growth and popularity. It uses simple but effective strategies to enhance its growth.

Specialties Of Fresh Markets :

  • The market stores are filled with unusual fruits like purple cauliflower, jackfruit, etc. Apart from that, they keep olive oil and vinegar that one can use to refill their bottles. The ambiance of the store is set with dim lights and classical music.
  • There are ready-made meal sections such as the butcher section, dairy section, or large fresh collection of fruits from where one can choose anything to eat.
  • The store targets upper and middle-class families, who can choose from the large collection of fruits and local organic foods.

Specialties Of Whole Foods :

  • Whole Foods Market is especially known for its production of healthy foods.
  • The food chain has got 500 stores in North America and the U.K.
  • In 2017 the store has been acquired by Amazon at the price of $13.7 billion.

The Reason Why Whole Foods Is Cheaper Than Fresh Market :

When Amazon has acquired Whole Foods in 2017, the price rate of Whole Foods was lower than Fresh Market. When Amazon decided to buy it, its first preference was to drop the price by 20%. Before this acquisition the price of many items was higher because they used to get a premium of 10-20%, sometimes 40-50% in many items in comparison to the items that one can get at a lower price. Now, most grocery shops offer natural and organic products. According to Forbes, Whole Foods’ price has decreased by almost 20%. 

How The Fresh Market Has Lost Its Mark In The Market :

  1. In both supply and demand, Whole Food is in an advanced stage than Fresh Market. Whereas Fresh market has closed almost 15 stores in 9 states in 2018 because of the underperformance in both sales and profits.
  2. The organizational analysis of the company has led to the decision of closing many branches because of its inability to compete with other companies. They were trying to focus on profitable areas only.

Comparison Of Qualities Between Two Companies :

  • Although the product qualities of Whole Foods Market are similar to the Fresh Market, Whole foods maintain a specific standard of ingredient which does not include any artificial preservatives or ingredients. But the Fresh Market does not possess any such standard.
  • Whole Foods chains have maintained an animal welfare policy but the Fresh Market does not have any such policy.
  • Whole Foods Market has larger stores and higher standards in comparison to Fresh Market. Thus the customer can get better quality products faster and they remain on the shelf for a short period.
  • The products of Whole Foods are fresher, the ambiance is welcoming and cleaner. Whole Foods Market is single-handedly maintaining its status for Forty years.
  • Whole Foods Market has offered a large selection of options. They even offer family get-together places. They maintain some strict policies and put restrictions on some particular ingredients before adding them to foods. The fresh market sells $1.7billion per year, while Whole Market sells $16 billion.
Conclusion :

After having a closer discussion, it has become quite clear that Whole Foods Market is cheaper than the h Market. It got cheaper after it has been acquired by Amazon. Quality and product wise Whole Foods Market is better than Fresh Market.

Which Is Cheaper Whole Foods Or Fresh Market?

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