Costco Target Market Demographics- Read More About It

A group of people that are identified by a business as a potential buyer group for any product or service is known as the “Target Market”. The target market is established as a group of potential customers because of their shared characteristics like occupation, age, income, and living style. Costco is an MNC based in […]

Which Is Cheaper Whole Foods Or Fresh Market?

Whole foods Market is a multinational supermarket chain situated in Austin, Texas. This company sells products that are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The chain is certified by USDA, which provides certified groceries in the United States. It has been known for its organic selection of foods. In North America, it has got […]

Does stock market open on MLK day? – Know more

The third Monday of every January is always celebrated as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the United States. The day honors Dr. King, a prominent Baptist leader in the American civil rights movement and the fight for equality, and his life and accomplishments. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day or MLK Day takes place on […]

How Long Bear Markets Last?- Find More About It

A bear market is usually a result of a struggling economy where there is unemployment, low disposable income, low productivity, and so on. Also, where there are natural disasters, wars, and crises. All these could cause the prices in a market to decline thereby causing a decline in the economy as a whole. A bear […]

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