Does Costco Install Car Batteries?- Read More About It

Car batteries are one of the many things offered at a discount from the warehouse club, Costco that have contributed to the company’s well-deserved reputation for low prices. Most drivers start looking for the cheapest locations to get a new battery. After purchasing the batteries from Costco, you must locate a mechanic to install the new cell on your behalf. In this article, we will see about ‘Does Costco Install Car Batteries?’.

Does Costco Install Car Batteries?

Does Costco Install Car Batteries?

Costco does not provide battery installation for any vehicle. Costco members may buy car batteries at a discount and install them elsewhere like (AutoZone, Walmart, Pep Boys, etc.). Interstate brand batteries are available at Costco for boats, golf carts, RVs, and lawnmowers. Location-based selection may differ. To keep costs low, Costco does not provide phone service to inquire about pricing or product availability.

Does Costco Offer Installation Services?

Auto battery replacement is not a service offered at any Costco warehouse. It does not install automotive batteries bought from its shops or elsewhere. Purchasing a car battery might be expensive, but Costco provides high-quality car batteries at an affordable cost. 

It is motivation enough for consumers to shop for car batteries at Costco wholesale clubs around the nation. However, they do not offer any installation services for such batteries. You will have to go somewhere else to have it done.

Alternatives for Installing Your Battery

Several merchants sell and install car batteries in addition to Costco Auto Program service stations. Some may even test your present battery before purchasing to ensure that battery replacement is what you need.

While Costco does not install car batteries, several alternative firms sell and install batteries at reasonable pricing. Here are a few alternatives for Costco members:

  • Advanced Auto Parts
  • Walmart
  • Pep Boys
  • Oreilly Auto
  • The Sam’s Club
  • Batteries Plus

If you purchase a new battery from them, some places will even install it for free, although this is unusual. Businesses in May are not required to provide free battery installations or installation services since they are privately owned and run.

Is Costco a Reliable Source for Car Batteries?

Costco is a great location to purchase a car battery. Costco strives to provide the greatest value for its consumers by selling batteries at competitive pricing.

Interstate battery brands are available at all Costco stores. The batteries are usually found on the bottom shelves of the store’s vehicle area. Because Costco does not install batteries, you will need to locate another expert to do it for you.

Other Auto Services Offered at Costco

Although Costco does not offer Battery installation, it offers several other auto repair services. Costco members can also get a 15% discount up to $500. Rather, not all Costco locations provide such services; however, there is certain chosen Costco auto service participating facilities where you may get them. 

Here are some of the auto services offered by Costco’s participating auto-service locations.

  • Car Purchasing Services
  • Replacement of Brake Pads
  • Tire Replacement
  • Installation of Airbag
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Oil change

What Does a Car Battery Cost at Costco?

Costco provides clients with automobile power. Unlike most others in the shop, these goods are seldom available. However, they will continue to provide them at affordable pricing and subsidized subscriptions.

Their costs usually vary from $70 to $190, depending on the kind and car you need to install. They also give a warranty ranging from 18 to 36 months and the greatest customer service. You can see what’s in stock and learn more about the company’s products on their website before making the trip to the store.

They will need car information like the year of production, engine, engine model, and full zip. They will then provide you with the correct product number so you may call the closest warehouse or shop to inquire.


Costco does not install car batteries for customers, even if the battery is purchased from the store. However, because of the company’s cheap costs, customers will save more money by getting a new car battery from the store and either looking for a mechanic or going to another store to install the battery for a charge. 

Interstate batteries are available from this manufacturer, so you can have your vehicle performing at its best. You may install the vehicle batteries yourself if you know how, or you can use your car manual or a YouTube video.


1. Does Costco test car batteries?

Yes, Costco will test your car battery for free. You may get your battery inspected at the Costco Auto Center. If your battery fails, you may get it replaced at an auto facility or returned to your local retailer.

2. Does Costco provide a battery warranty?

Yes, all Interstate batteries sold by Costco come with a warranty. The normal warranty period is 36 months; however, you must follow certain regulations for it to be effective. The warranty details for each battery are available online at Costco, and they will also notify you upon delivery of your purchase.

Does Costco Install Car Batteries?- Read More About It

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