Does Sam’s Club Haul Away Old Appliances?

Old appliances sure do make a lot of trouble, do they not? However, keeping these old appliances piled up in the garage or your basement is truly not how you get rid of them. Although wishing these old appliances to suddenly vanish might not work for you, let us have a look at what might! As a citizen living in the United States, you should know some go-to stores that haul away old appliances. Now, when it comes to Sam’s Club, let us move ahead and not delay the answer to this inevitable query! Here we will see about Does Sam’s Club Haul Away Old Appliances?

Now, when it comes to hauling away old appliances, you must be ecstatic to know that Sam’s Club does take away your old appliances! So, the items that you can get Sam’s Club to haul away old appliances for you include electric dryers, washers, laundry pedestals, refrigerators, microwaves that are costly, dishwashers, refrigerators, and electric ranges. 

Does Sam’s Club Haul Away Old Appliances?

Sam’s Club: Haul Away Old Appliances

As regards Sam’s Club, you must know that they install appliances. But, do they help in hauling away those appliances as well? The answer is yes, they do! However, simply knowing that they offer haul-away services is not enough. So now, let us go through the items that Sam’s Club is inclined to haul away!

  1. Refrigerators, Expensive Microwaves, and Electric Ranges: When it comes to these products, you must know that Sam’s Club offers services including basic installation and haul-away. This indicates that Sam’s Club will send a person to install the items at the time of delivery, and once the products are of no use, they also promise to take away the junk with them.
  2. Dishwashers and Gas Dryers: Since the installation process for these products is quite tough, Sam’s Club offers two appointments: one for delivery and the other for installation. Moreover, the store also offers to haul away the said items once they are damaged beyond repair. However, at the time of haul-away, you must make sure that these items are uninstalled beforehand.
  3. Exceptions: Not all old appliances come under the store’s haul-away policy; there are always some exceptions to every policy! The appliances that Sam’s Club do not offer their haul-away services for include TVs, security cameras, grills, furniture, sink, faucet, ceiling fans, window A/C, pergolas, and gazebos. For these products, the store offers delivery and installation services only. 
  4. Cost: The most important thing about the store’s haul-away services is to know how much it costs. When it comes to the cost, you must know that most products mentioned above come under their Basic Installation Services, which means that required modifications such as plumbing, carpentry, or electrical work might cost you a few extra bucks. Nevertheless, when it comes to their haul-away services, you can rest assured that it will not cost you a penny! All you need to do is produce the price receipt and your identification card, and the store will send a worker to take away the junk that you had once bought from them.

Other Ways to Deal with Old Appliances

Even though Sam’s Club does haul away old appliances, you might be wondering what are some other options that you can make use of! So now, without further ado, let us have a look at what are some other ways to get rid of old appliances.

  1. Donating: If you do not have any haul-away services available nearby or you think those are too expensive, you can simply consider donating your old appliances instead! For this, you might have to do some extensive research on which is the best organization that you can donate to. Some of them include St. Vincent de Paul, The Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity. Although some organizations do not accept broken items, you can contact others and make sure they do.
  2. Give to a Less Fortunate Family: No doubt even developed countries like the US has slight poverty issues. So, if donating is not your forte because the process is not transparent and you don’t know who ends up using the item, you can give your old appliances to some poor families that you know of.
  3. Use as Props: Another good option is to give away your old appliances to any nearby theatre. Yes, you heard that right! Theatres are always seeking props and your old appliances might just be something that they are looking for! 
  4. Bulk Trash Pick-up: If none of the above options seem good to you, then you might consider going for your city’s bulk trash pick-up services. However, since every city’s trash pick-up regulations are not the same, you might want to check them first.
  5. Hauling Services: One of the best ways to get rid of your old appliances is to hire a hauling service like AZ Junk Removal. It is true that they will charge a handsome amount to dispose of your junk, however, you can rest assured that they will either recycle your waste or donate it to people in dire need! Such services might cost you around $45-$85 per cubic yard of junk.


By now, you must be aware that Sam’s Club does offer haul-away services to help you clear the junk from your garage or basement. However, they do not offer to take away all the junk; only the ones that come under their policy such as dishwashers, expensive microwaves, refrigerators, and the like! Thus, to make all your waste completely disappear, you can use some other methods mentioned above!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Does Sam’s Club haul away old refrigerators?


  1. What are some alternatives to Sam’s Club’s haul-away policy?

You can go for donations and hauling services.

Does Sam’s Club Haul Away Old Appliances?

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