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Many people are puzzled as to where Aldi’s meat comes from. They believe that you can’t get inexpensive and high-quality meat if you don’t have to pay high costs for farm animals. With their ridiculously cheap pricing on everything, including beef, it’s no surprise you’re curious about where Aldi’s beef comes from. Let us know ‘Where Does Aldi Beef Come From?’.

Where Does Aldi Beef Come From?

Where Does Aldi Beef Come From?

The majority of Aldi’s beef originates from farms in the local area. As a result, lesser shipping costs contribute to Aldi’s cheap pricing. The bulk of Aldi’s beef comes from area farmers. Beef came from a farm close to the store. All of the steps in the production, processing, and packaging of Aldi beef sold in the United States take place close to the consumer’s home. 90% of imported beef originates in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or Mexico.

Origin of Aldi’s Meat:

Meat is mainly sourced from local farmers by Aldi. Buying beef closer to the store where it is sold saves money, passed on to consumers through reduced pricing. Because multiple businesses do it, Aldi does not name their meat source.

Remember that the beef offered at Aldi shops comes from cows born, bred, and raised in the store’s territory, and with over 20,000 retail outlets spread over 30 districts, no one source can supply the vast demand.

Matthew Wright is a renowned beef product provider, offering 100% British Farm Assured beef to retailers.

Place Where Aldi Beef come  From Outside the United States:

Any beef that doesn’t originate from a local rancher comes from New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, or Canada. 

The Aldi Reviewer also mentions that Australia and New Zealand account for a significant portion of grass-fed beef imports, so seeing any of those places of origin on the label may not be unusual.

Type of Meat Does Aldi Sell:

Like other grocery shops, Aldi provides a variety of meats. Pig, beef, seafood, and fresh chicken are available. Their steaks are mostly Black Angus and USDA Choice.

However, the variety will be limited compared to other grocery shops. You may find some meat in the freezer area. Frozen fish and shrimp, hamburger patties, and breakfast sausage are available. The only thing missing is a butcher. So there will be no bespoke cuts at Aldi.

In reality, many of the same meats may be found elsewhere. You won’t have the selection you would find at a more extensive shop. Fresh meat deals are available on Wednesdays. These are usually the finest cuts of beef.

Quality of  Aldi’s Meat:

The quality of Aldi’s meat varies greatly depending on the cut you’re seeking. Do not assume that the low prices at Aldi signify low-quality meat. Compared to other supermarkets, the company can sell meat at a discount without sacrificing quality.

Black Angus beef and USDA choice meats from Aldi have consistently received high reviewers’ marks. Only meats that fulfill stringent USDA quality standards are given the Choice label, making them the second-best option in supermarkets. The highest possible rating from the USDA is Prime.

Black Angus beef comes from cows that meet strict genetic criteria, including having a skin color of at least 50% black. 

Reason for Aldi’s Meat being Inexpensive:

Aldi offers an extensive range of meat at bargain pricing. For example, 73% Lean Ground Beef (Fresh) costs $2.49 per pound, whereas Angus Ground Beef (93% Lean) costs $5.49 per pound. Simply Nature’s 100% organic Beef Stew Meat costs $6.99 a pound.

These are just a handful of the meat costs at Aldi; for more options, use their website. Aldi can offer its meat at such low prices in part because of their more critical business philosophy, which strives to provide consumers with commodities at low prices.


Aldi’s is a prominent cheap supermarket chain where shoppers come to purchase a broad range of things, including meat. Given the cheap pricing, there have been complaints about the quality of beef offered at Aldi, but there is a guarantee that Aldi’s meat is safe. While meat quality varies depending on the variety, Aldi’s products are certified, and many consumers testify to this.

Like most beef in the United States, Aldi beef is 90% domestic. As an extra benefit, Aldi gets its beef from area suppliers to save transportation costs, allowing buyers of all economic levels to enjoy a delicious Black Angus steak.


1. When does Aldi get meat deliveries?

On Wednesday mornings, Aldi restocks its meat shelves. You should also take into account the store’s stock levels at the time. However, now is the most fantastic time to visit a shop near you for excellent meats and other offers.

2. Is organic meat available at Aldi?

Yes. Interested customers may get organic beef at Aldi. Simply Nature is a meat brand that offers USDA-inspected, 100% grass-fed beef at reasonable pricing.

Where Does Aldi Beef Come From? – Know More

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