Does Zara Have An In-Store Pickup?

Zara is one of the retailers with over 2000 stores in 97 countries that have in-store quality and available wear and accessories for all classes of users. With its rapid growth, they are constantly working on improving its service delivery to shoppers from its store as well as website across the globe. This article will dig deep into the pick-up options available in Zara stores. Let us know ‘Does Zara Have An In-Store Pickup?’.

Does Zara Have An In-Store Pickup?

Does Zara Have An In-Store Pickup?

Are you seeking a store that will permit you to pick up your item irrespective of where you may place your order from? Zara has not only loaded its online store with quality and affordable items that save you from leaving the comfort of your home for shopping. 

They have provided a flexible system that encourages pick up from their stores for all classes of items shopped from them across their stores. You can order an item and have it picked up from any store that is close to you at no cost.

Cost Of Shipping And Collecting From Zara Stores 

Shipping and delivery fee are determined based on the destination and weight of goods purchased. Hence, there is no uniform cost for shipping with Zara. At check out, if you are ordering from their online store, you’ll be furnished with all the details about your order which will include the arrival time, date, destination, and cost.  All collections from the store are at no cost. You may be required to pay an extra fee. All orders from the store are without delivery charges except if you want Zara to deliver the item on your behalf, then you’ll be told how much delivery would cost.

Pick Up Options Available In Zara

Zara has a wide range of pick-up options for its customers. All collections are done within 5 working days on the presentation of the Zara QR code from the order receipt. You can check your email for the QR code. 

  • All delivery destinations are chosen at checkout. You can select a store that is close to you for your pick-up.
  • If you request home delivery, deliveries are done within 24 hours at a fee of about 10 USD or 20 USD, the delivery fee is calculated based on the destination. Deliveries are made during working days, all orders made over the weekend will be delivered on the next working day.
  • Zara has a standard delivery fee of 6 USD for items worth over 50 USD for all purchases without a discount. The delivery is done within 4 working days.
  • To have your items delivered at a specified location order than your home. Zara will charge a service fee of almost 5 USD for the presentation of your identity documents.
  • You can be fortunate to have a free delivery from Zara whether you are opting for in-store pick-up or home delivery. Zara gives free delivery most times when you shop for items above 50 USD. 

Pick up Duration of Items At Zara Stores

Zara has a deadline for items to be kept in their store. If you choose in-store pick up at checkout, you can only leave your item for 15 days after which it can be disposed of. A refund can be made. If you are scared of having a conversation with the store attendants, the recently introduced self-service machine by Zara can serve you. 

The self-service machine is not available in all stores, you can confirm from your local stores if it is available. Details related to your pickup duration are on the confirmation order sent to your mailbox.  Failure to pick up your item in the 15 days provided by Zara may attract charges for the cost of shipping the item to you. Charges may be ignored if the cause of delay was chiefly from Zara.  In such a scenario, your full amount will be refunded without any charges.


Online shopping has been made easy with Zara stores. After reading this article, it is believed that you have satisfied your curiosity about having an in-store pickup when shopping from Zara online. In-store pickup is at no cost, charges apply to home delivery and delivery at the pickup post. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are in-store pick-up locations restricted?

Pick-up location depends if Zara has a physical store in your vicinity. To ascertain this, you may check the list of all stores in your location to select the one that is closer to you.

Will I be charged for picking it up from the store?

Zara doesn’t charge its customers for deciding to have their items picked from the store. Charges are applicable for shipping from the store to the destination.

Can I ask someone to take delivery on my behalf?

Zara approves third-party pick up of commodities in their store on presentation of a written document from the purchaser, identification documents of the purchaser, and the person doing the pickup.

Will I be charged if I fail to pick up my item from the store when due?

Zara can charge you for the cost of shipping if you were at fault.

Does Zara Have An In-Store Pickup?

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