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Sushi is one meal a lot of people love to consume so much but most times, we do not have the money to go to nice sushi-selling restaurants with professional chefs, so we may want to patronize the grocery store just a few miles away from our houses. These days there are so many supermarkets selling sushi, and it is so easy to find sushi in some of your favorite supermarkets just down the road. Finding your favorite sushi just anywhere can raise suspicions which results in the obvious question of whether the sushi sold at these restaurants is healthy and consumable. Let us know about “Should I Trust Supermarket Sushi?”

Should I Trust Supermarket Sushi?

Should I Trust Supermarket Sushi? 

Yes, you should trust supermarket sushi because Sushi sold in some of these reputable supermarkets is healthy and consumable. After all, most of this sushi sold at supermarkets is prepared with fresh and quality ingredients under neat conditions, and they ensure to follow the food safety standards. 

Producers Of The Sushi You See At The Supermarkets 

Most of the supermarket you buy sushi from that does not already have a professional chef making the sushi for them are probably buying their sushi from a third party. Most of these supermarkets get their sushi from third-party companies such as Fuji Food Products which supply to Walgreens and Target stores. These third-party companies do have professional sushi chefs that prepare the Sushi to meet the proper healthy standard, for instance, Fuji Food Products follow closely with the safety standards set by the United State Food And Drug Administration. These suppliers are careful with the Sushi they produce because bad sushi can spread diseases, and that can spoil the company’s reputation. 

According to Peter Synder that is the president of the Food Safety Consulting Group, Hospitality Institute Of Technology And Management, he said that there has not been a single problem found with the sushi sold in supermarkets unlike the E.coli and salmonella in burgers 

When To Know That The Sushi Is Bad?

According to Peter Synder, he said that most of the time it is the rice in the sushi that gets spoilt earlier and not the fish. The rice gets spoilt due to the level of the temperature in which the sushi was stored. Supermarket sushi can go bad because of how it was stored and the preparation process, for instance, sushi with raw fish has a higher probability of getting spoiled earlier than the ones prepared with cooked fish. Most supermarkets prepare their sushi with cooked fish so that the sushi can be preserved for a longer time. These are ways to know if the Sushi is bad: 

The Smell Of The Sushi 

If the Sushi has an unpleasant and bad smell, then there is a high possibility that the Sushi is bad and is not healthy for consumption 

  • Does the appearance look pleasant

Appearance is essential when buying something that you want to consume. Buyers should make sure that the appearance of the Sushi is pleasant and fresh. It should not look like something that is about to get spoilt. Check the fish and make sure it looks fresh and firm, especially when you touch it. 

  • The taste

If the Sushi tastes abnormal and not the usual fresh and nice taste you would get when eating good sushi then you should probably throw it away because healthy sushi should not have an unpleasant taste when you consume it. 

Best Supermarkets Where You Can Buy Healthy Sushi

  • Walmart stores
  • Whole Foods
  • Kroger
  • Target
  • H-E-B
  • Publix


It is important to note that people can always get healthy and fresh sushi from supermarkets around them without fearing that it can be harmful to their health because research has shown and proven that sushi sold in supermarkets is prepared following strict measures that ensure proper preparation. Although sushi sold in the supermarket is nothing compared to the ones you buy from the restaurant or prepare in your home, supermarket sushi is still consumable and always prepared with quality ingredients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do supermarkets buy sushi from a third-party company instead of making it themselves? 

Supermarkets buy sushi from a third-party company because it is not easy to make sushi, and sushi making requires a professional chef, which most supermarkets do not have, and this makes them buy from a third-party company that has professional chefs that make the sushi in bulk. 

Does sushi give any nutrients to the body? 

Yes, sushi gives the body healthy nutrients because it is rich in protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids, and it also consists of different types of healthy vitamins and minerals. Sushi is also very rich in carbohydrates that are deposited in the rice which gives you energy and revitalizes the body system. 

Where did sushi originate from?

Sushi originated from Japan. Sushi is a Japanese meal that can be prepared using fermented rice and raw fish. 

Should I Trust Supermarket Sushi? -Know More

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