How To Separate Plastic Grocery Bags?

Plastic shopping bags often stick together, making separating them difficult, particularly in a hurry. Many individuals question how they can separate the bags while maintaining hygiene in the grocery. Opening a plastic shopping bag in a rush at the self-service checkout when there are no helping cashiers around may be difficult. You may use basic methods, which are further detailed in this post. Although finger-licking is a widespread method for separate the plastic supermarket Grocery bags, it is unsanitary. Instead, clap or massage your hands together while holding the upper corners of the bag between your fingers. Another method for quickly getting wetness on your finger that does not involve your mouth: If you picked up any products from the refrigerated/frozen sector, there would frequently be condensation on the exterior of these items. Run your fingertips over the object to collect moisture and begin bag separation!

How To Separate Plastic Grocery Bags?

The Procedure for Separating Plastic Grocery Bags

  • Clap technique

The clap technique does not need finger-licking, although it might be challenging to perfect. 

Thumb and index finger on bag’s top corner. It should be 2 or 3 inches from your palm to a bowl.

Now clap twice or three times. It will drive air into the bag, allowing that corner to open. Grip the open edge and shake or blow it to empty the bag.

  • Pinch and rub 

It is the simplest way and the suggested one. The most significant thing is that you can do it with only one hand. So you may open the bag without having to set down those lovely apples you chose. 

Grab the bag’s top with your thumb and finger. Rub your hands together in opposing directions or tight circles. The friction will cause the bag to split from itself. It is quiet and can be done with one hand.

  • The rubbing technique

The rubbing approach may be challenging to perfect, similar to the clap method, but less loud.  But at the very least, you won’t appear ridiculous, and you won’t bother other customers.

Hold the bag’s closure between your index and middle fingers. Pull it tight and secure it between your ring and pinky fingers. 

You may separate them by rubbing the opening two or three times. Open the bag or blow or shake it vigorously to separate it and completely open it.

Why Do Plastic Bags Adhere to One Another?

Static electricity causes plastic bags to stay together. They will attract when they take up opposing charges. More precisely, and most likely, the bags are sticking together due to Van der Waals’s force.

Static electricity is straightforward. Things can take up a little electrical charge by rubbing against another surface, and if opposing directions are picked up, they will attract. It does not seem a very plausible reason for comparable bits of plastic to cling together since they’d generally pick up the same charge signal and repel. 

If the plastic somehow took up patches of a positive and negative charge, oppositely charged patches would locate each other and stay together. One technique to check whether this impact is significant is to purchase a small hand-held piezo-electric ion pistol and see if spritzing ions at the plastic significantly changes stickiness.

A Non-Licking Method for Opening Plastic Bags

It could be challenging to open those small plastic bags. Even wet fingers don’t seem to be able to pry them open. You might be tempted to lick your fingers if you can’t find water.

Sometimes it is almost reflexive because you have done it several times. Another risk is regularly touching goods that others have handled. Please do not lick your fingers because we are about to show you some practical and sanitary methods for opening a plastic bag.


The traditional method is to wet your index and thumb and then rub them together, generally with saliva. However, there are germs since who knows what you’ve handled while shopping? You can moisten my fingertips and open the produce bag by touching a piece of watery fruit.

You may also use the above-described ways to separate the plastic bags. Blow in or shake them vigorously to open them fully. Choose an approach that will not interrupt people in the grocery store.


1. How can I use fewer plastic bags and wrap?

Bringing reusable bags with you when you go grocery or retail shopping is an excellent method to limit your usage of plastic bags. You may also refuse a plastic bag and request a paper bag instead when shopping.

2. Which is better for the environment, paper or plastic bags?

Plastic consumes less energy and takes up less room in landfills (i.e., the size of one plastic bag is substantially smaller than a paper bag). Paper bags are biodegradable and pose no hazard to marine life if discarded.

How To Separate Plastic Grocery Bags?

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