Can You Use Gift Cards With Delivery Services?

With the passage of time, gift cards have gained popularity. Not only do they solve the problem of having to carry unmanageable cash, but they are also very convenient and efficient. In the past, transactions needed to be counted, wasting precious time. With gift cards all you need to do is swipe and that’s it. Let us know ‘Can You Use Gift Cards With Delivery Services?’.

Can You Use Gift Cards With Delivery Services?

Can You Use Gift Cards With Delivery Services?

Paying third-party delivery companies with a gift card of the company they are delivering from usually does not work as they have a separate billing system. For example, If you pay UberEats with a Chipotle gift card, the financial benefit will go to Chipotle. And since Uber Eats is a separate company from Chipotle, they will not get their share of the money. Following are a few well-known delivery companies with information about their rules and regulations regarding Giftcards.


DoorDash is a renowned food delivery company with a vast market share in the US. DoorDash runs using an algorithm that allows anyone to set up their profile on the company page and then opt for delivering food packages from the food company location to the user’s doorstep. As there are so many individual drivers and so many other restaurants, it does not make any sense to allow GiftCards. To solve the problem of the inconvenience of handling cash, DoorDash has set up its own GiftCard. This GiftCard can be used to pay for any restaurant mentioned on their list.


Grubhub is another famous third-party food delivery service that does not allow its customers to pay with gift cards from the food company they are ordering from. Rather, the only gift card allowed is Grub Hub’s own. Grubhub also permits payment through major credit or debit cards.


UPS is a package-delivering couriering service that delivers around the world. They have their own gift card that can have a value of $1000. However, you can not pay them with a gift card from another company.


As compared to some of the other delivery companies, Postmates has a slightly different approach to using gift cards of other companies. If a customer purchases a gift card from a restaurant, he will not be able to use that specific gift card for any transaction made on the app. However, customers can buy a specific merchant gift card. This means that you can purchase a gift card for specific restaurants through Postmates. You can then use these cards to purchase through the app.


Favor allows transactions using most credit and debit cards. It also has its own gift card service to enable the smooth transfer of money, however, they do not allow payment through gift cards of any third party. If you want to use their app for payment with a gift card, you will need a Favor gift card and nothing else.


Caviar is another third-party delivery company that does not allow users to use gift cards bought at a restaurant. However, unlike many of its other competitors who only allow their own gift cards, Caviar allows the gift card of Door Dash as well. Unfortunately, credits transferred from the Door Dash account into the Caviar account can not be sent back.


FedEx is a multi-billion dollar delivery company that does not accept a gift card from any external company, nor does it manufacture its own gift cards.

Partner cards are one exception. Some delivery companies may accept partner cards as payment. Partner cards are gift cards that are accepted by a vast majority of companies. They can also be considered vouchers. Due to the sheer amount of companies that participate in partner cards, there is a chance the delivery company you want to work with, does too.


Gift cards have become a kind of necessity. Unfortunately, most Third party delivery companies do not allow gift cards other than their own, and it is too much of a hassle to buy their gift cards. Hopefully, in the future, there will be an efficient and reliable system to use gift cards for delivery payments.


Q)Can gift cards expire?

A)Many gift cards do not expire and can work till they have money in them in. However, you should always be on the safer side and read the fine print to save yourself the cash. It’s not unheard of that companies put a 5-year limit on some gift cards.

Q)Can money be transferred from a gift card to a debit card?

A)Money can not be transferred directly from a gift card to a debit card but there are a few possible ways to go about this by doing some extra steps.

Q)Is cash on delivery an option for DoorDash users?

A)A customer is allowed to opt for cash on delivery when ordering food through their app. If this is the case, the delivery person should keep some change with them. This will not only save time, but it will maintain customer satisfaction.

Q) What is a multi-store card?

A)A multi-store card is a gift card that is usable in many different stores. This is much better than single-store gift cards as it gives the bearer of the card a wider variety of choices to choose from.

Can You Use Gift Cards With Delivery Services?

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