Does Stanley Steemer Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Stanley Steemer is a privately owned company that was established to provide the services of cleaning. It was established in 1947 by Jack A. Bates in Ohio. With a success and by gaining the trust of customers Stanley Steemer’s working successfully for 70 years. Stanley Steemer provides different cleaning services for cleaning carpets, rugs, floors, etc. They provide their services to their customers at their houses or offices. Let us see does Stanley Steemer refinish Hardwood floors.

Does Stanley Steemer Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Does Stanley Steemer Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Yes, Stanley Steemer provides the services of refinishing hardwood floors. The refinishing and cleaning of the hardwood surface is one of the most demanded services by Stanley Steemer. The company is doing this job with a system of dust-containment and by using a polyurethane solution.

Stanley Steemer refinishes hardwood floors:

Stanley Steemer has trained staff and modern equipment which they use to clean and refinish the hardwood floors. But let’s first understand what is refinishing process is.

What is refinishing?

In this process, a new coat is added to the active basement by sanding off the upper portion of the basement.

Why it is needed?

Cleaning the floor by sweeping and mopping is just not enough. Sweeping and mopping are good but it’s just removing dust from the floor that comes mostly with feet.

If hardwood floors are not properly cleaned they may contain germs and bacteria in their cracks and cleft. That’s why it is important and needed to clean the floors professionally from Stanley Steemer to make floors 100% safe and sound.

Tools and instruments they use for cleaning:

The company uses the following tools and instruments for surface purification.

  1. Scrubber
  2. Solutions from polyurethane
  3. Strong vacuums 
  4. Squeegees

The company used all these instruments for deep cleaning and removing dirt.

The process of cleaning:

The company’s cleaning process is as follows:

  1. At first, the experts will check the material and quality of the floor. This inspection is made to make the decisions that which type of tools and solutions should be used for the betterment of the surface. These inspections also help the technicians to find out damages that already exist on the floor.
  2. The customers don’t need to move the heavy furniture by themselves the employees of the company also do so for deep cleaning purposes. After removing the furniture they use their vacuums to extract the dirt from the surface. After that, the process of refinishing the floor started.
  3. The company uses two types of machines to refinish the floor
  • Scrubber 
  • 4-jet gecko

In these machines, the company uses its distinct cleaner and hot water to extract dust and dirt from the floors.

  1. The company makes sure that the floor is completely dry after cleaning by using their microfiber mop and fan. It minimizes the chances of damage that can be made to the floor due to water and customer can use their floor for walking instantly.
  2. After that, technicians let their customers check the floor as their satisfaction is deep a concern. Their cleaning process is finished with the happiness of their customers.

The cost and guarantee:

The company gives a guarantee of 10 days which includes moving furniture and scrubbing.

The cost may vary according to the floor size but generally, the charges are

  • Lager rooms $160
  • Smaller rooms $40

Types of floor Stanley Steemer cleans and refinishes:

Stanley Steemer employees are experts in recognizing the types of floor. The company provides their cleaning facility for the following floors

  1. Hardwood surfaces
  2. Engineered wood surfaces
  3. Laminated  floors
  4. A Luxury vinyl tile (LVT)
  5. Vinyl composite tile (VCT) and linoleum

Maintenance of hardwood floors:

After cleaning, maintenance of floors and surfaces are very important. Here are some tips to do so:

  • Use kits from Stanley Steemer’s for hardwood floor cleaning. These kits have special tools and equipment which have pH solutions in them, which are very safe for floors.
  • Increase the life of floors by using rugs at the doors, and use indoor, and outdoor rugs and mats at places that are greatly in use.
  • The company also sells their cleaner that is specially designed for cleaning hardwood surfaces.

Stanley Steemer ensures the long life of the floor by using and applying their methods and tools, respectively. They provide their services according to the need of the customer and make sure that they are satisfied with their cleaning and refinishing services.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is cheaper either refinishing or removing the floor?

The removal and placement of the new floor will charge you more cost than refinishing the old floor. Therefore, it will be a good idea to give an aesthetic refinish to your floor 

  1. Why refinishing hardwood floors are important?

Cleaning and refinishing hardwood floors and surfaces are important as they increase the shelf life of the floors and this process charges you a low cost.

Does Stanley Steemer Refinish Hardwood Floors?

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