Is Aldi Meat Good?

Aldi is a German chain of supermarkets spread over 20 countries. It has limited employees and products. The same goes for meat too. So, you cannot get different cuts of beef and a rack of lamb. This store claims to sell better quality food at cheaper prices. However, let us see whether the same get applicable to Aldi meat.

Is Aldi Meat Good?

Aldi meat comes from different countries and brands. It later gets sold under a personal brand. So, you may go for USDA-certified meat found at Aldi because it is good. However, it is not the case with all types of meat sold by Aldi.

Cost Of Aldi Meat

Aldi claims to provide products with equal or higher quality and taste compared to international products. However, it is not true in the case of meat. Its prices get higher than the competitors. They also provide sales and sell meat at lower prices. Ground beef sold by Aldi is costlier than the other stores.

Aldi sells ham, chicken breast, a whole turkey, ground beef, sausages, chicken thighs, fish, bacon, duck, sliced turkey, ground turkey, wings, steak, and burgers. However, it does not have a butcher as it may get too expensive. So, you may compromise with the cuts, especially with the professional ones.

The fatter the cut of meat, the more will be fat resulting in better flavor and quality. To save costs, this store sources meat from lesser known brands and its private brand ‘Appleton Farms.’

Still, many of Aldi’s meat products are cheaper. The following are the costs of Aldi meat:

  • The Simply Nature organic beef costs $5.49 per pound.
  • You must spend $4.49 per pound for Black Angus USDA Choice meat.
  • Family Pack Chicken Drumsticks get available at $1.19 per pound.

Quality Of Aldi Meat

This store gets meat from local sources. Other sources are America, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. It is only a rumor that it gets its meat products from China. However, Aldi sells it under its brand name. It moves to natural ingredients that may get better for you. Matthew Wright and Tyson foods are some well-known brands of meat in this case.

Organic And Inorganic Meat

Organic beef gets sourced from regional farms and sold under the label ‘Simply Nature.’ In this case, cows do not get injected with artificial hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics. They survive on grass. It means the quality of meat will get higher and so will the prices. Aldi sells both organic and inorganic meat. So, you may depend on the USDA certification related to Aldi meat.

USDA Certification

Chicken thighs and breasts have high quality. However, you may end up coming across the bones when you take the meat home. Black Angus beef and USDA Choice get well-recognized. The former is the juicy meat that gets certified when the cows have the required genes. The latter gets certified by the US Department of Agriculture.

Ground beef may not get trustworthy because it has no USDA certification. So, it works for meatloaf but not for burgers, especially after seasoning. Only 5% of the beef with USDA certification gets qualified for Prime distinction. Such beef gets found mostly at high-end restaurants. So, Prime has the highest recognition. Choice and Select distinctions come after it.


You may not get satisfied with the quality of steak at Aldi. ASDA Choice has less flavor and juice due to less marbling. Whole Foods also sells the highest quality steak. Wegmans comes after it.

Getting Fresh Meat At Aldi

Aldi has limited stock. So, there are greater chances of getting fresh meat. Similarly, it sells special fresh meat on Wednesdays. It also sells vegan and halal meat. However, it is not halal certified. Aldi claims to sell tender, juicy, and marbling Black Angus Ribeye Steaks in vacuum-sealed and airproof packaging. They are fresh and hand-selected.

Controversy Related To Aldi Meat

Some customers skip purchasing meat from Aldi. Many Aldi products have got recalled till now. It was said that Crispy Chicken Strips related to Kirkwood Buffalo and Honey Barbecue had metal pieces. This store does not sell horse meat and follows Animal Welfare Policy.


Aldi may not have a wide variety of meat, but it may fulfill your basic meat-related needs. Some customers find that Aldi’s meat looks freshly processed even if it got purchased two days ago. You also cannot compare Aldi’s meat with the meat delivery companies because they provide various cuts, deals, and values. However, its meat is good but it could get better.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How To Store Aldi Meat?

You must store the Aldi meat in the refrigerator. The vacuum-sealed meat must get put directly into the refrigerator, and the non-vacuum-sealed meat must get wrapped in an aluminum foil before putting into the refrigerator.

  1. What Other Stores In The US Sell Meat?

You may get meat from Costco, Walmart, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, etc.

Is Aldi Meat Good?

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