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Overstock furniture is an online retailer that is entirely technology driven. It is based in Salt Lake City. The company started its operation in 1999 with minor investment and reached the skies of billion dollars as a retailer with an online existence of a dedicated workers team. Let us know about “Overstock Furniture Warranty”

Overstock Furniture Warranty

Overstock furniture is committed to providing exemplary customer service based on quality products and their after-sale warranty. Warranty plays a vital role in building a good customer experience, even if you are running your business entirely on an online basis. Warranty details of the overstock furniture are described in this article. 

New furniture of overstock furniture has frame and suspension with a limited lifetime warranty. The company fixes any issue which arises due to twisting, bending, or failure in performing the day-to-day activity without asking any questions. A warranty of three years is provided on cushions of new furniture. New cushions are only a phone call away if old ones lose their original shape or get sagged within three years. Some products have a lifetime warranty, whereas others enjoy a warranty of one to five years. All limited warranties have a non-transferable nature. 

Overstock is among the most renowned online home decor and furniture brands focusing on innovative designs but available in a low price range along with trustworthy customer relationships. Trustworthy customer relationship comes with a responsive customer and after-sales service in the form of a warranty.

Warranty Details Based On Products

The warranty protection that comes with each furniture item you buy from overstock has the following features:

Frames In Upholstered And Leather Products

The buyer gets a limited lifetime warranty of up to five years on frames that are used in upholstered and leather products. The normal working life of their product is defined as a lifetime. The springs and frames that are fixed in loveseats, sleepers, chairs, couches, and sofas come under a limited lifetime warranty. These parts are warranted for customers to get them free from the hassles of defects in manufacturing.

Purchasing date is the criteria for the start of five years warranty applicable for repairing or replacement of affected parts by the labor.


Defects in material manufacturing for all mechanisms of sleepers are covered by three years warranty starting from the purchasing date written on the digital receipt issued to the purchaser. The labor rates are also paid by the sellers if claims are made between three years after the first-hand purchasing date of the sleepers. Customers may or may not have to provide pickup/delivery service from their homes to the retail centers.


The company makes sure that the cushion products sold have the best quality fabrics installed in them. The fabrics with high stain resistance and durability, immunity to wear and tear as well as rips are a priority for the company. The seat cushions naturally soften up with regular use but maintain their shapes if high-quality materials are used in them. This softening of cushions is considered normal and does not fall under the category of a defect in the material.

The sellers of overstock furniture provide a limited warranty of one to three years for a material defect in the cushions starting from the purchasing date. Labor rates are also covered by the company for repairing or replacing the cushions.

Leather And Fabric

The sellers of overstock furniture promise a warranty of one year starting from the purchasing date on furnished fabrics if they catch chemicals or dyes, start fraying or show slippage. It does not promise to cover the shrinking or fading of color, tears, nap flattening, or when abusive usage is evident.

Protective finishes, as well as velvets, are not part of this warranty because of the naturally high wear and tear capacity of this fabric. Their natural shades and fading are considered defects. 

The defects covered under this warranty have coverage for one year from the purchasing date, and labor rates are also covered by the company. Leather is not covered as a warranty because it is a natural item, and the appearance of wrinkles/scratches or different shades does not qualify as defects. 

Claiming Defects

The company should receive a call from the customer who feels that the defect which just arose comes under the warranty given by the company sellers. The customer must have the purchasing date receipt to get the warranty fulfilled. All the claims must be made with the necessary documents required for the warranty. Shipping charges or transportation charges don’t come under the company’s obligation to facilitate the repair of the product.


Overstock furniture is an online furniture store providing quality service through its sellers. Its warranty service is also popular among customers because it has a variety of sellers who provide a warranty in the range of one year to five years, depending on the product they are selling. 

Defects of overstock products can be identified to them through calls and email, along with the provision of all necessary documents related to the defective product. The most crucial document is the purchase receipt indicating the purchase date.


What to do if defective or damaged delivery is received by the customer?

If a defective or damaged product is received, then it can be returned to overstock, and the company will refund the merchandise cost fully. 

What are the top picks for overstock furniture?

The top picks of overstock furniture are living room furniture, rugs, curtains, mattresses, and patio furniture.

What is the warranty period of overstock furniture for its products?

Overstock offers a varied warranty period of one to five years, depending on which seller you opt for buying your specific product.

Overstock Furniture Warranty -Know More

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