Price Drop Refund App

A price drop refund is a way for customers of stores that offer it to save money by getting back the difference between the price of an item they purchased and the new price that the store is selling the product at. Getting a price drop refund can be a lengthy procedure, applications now exist to make it easier for customers to get a price drop refund. Let us know about the ‘Price Drop Refund App’.

Price Drop Refund App

Price Drop Refund App

Most retailers will give customers a price drop refund should the price of an item drop after you purchased it. The problem with price drop refunds is that customers are required to monitor the store prices on their own. With the busy lives that most people live, they may not have the time to actively check for price changes from different stores.

Not having the time to monitor for price changes means that you may be losing out on a substantial amount of savings. To help you earn the price drop refund and savings multiple apps have been created to ease the burden on customers. These apps exist to automatically track price drops at stores that offer price drop refunds and ask for the refunds on your behalf.

Price drop refund app and how they work- 

These apps include the likes of Earny, Slice, Paribus, and DoNotPAy. These applications track the prices of the online stores you purchase from and by using your receipts ask for refunds on your behalf. The refunds are then processed and deposited back onto the card that you used when making the initial purchase. These apps make it easier to request price drop refunds. 

However, these applications require access to your email and your credit card information. This means that it comes with a risk to your privacy should that information get into the wrong hands. It is your responsibility to only give that information to trusted services. Before signing up for any of the applications be sure to read the full details, especially the fine print. You must know how a company will use your information.

Price drop refund applications-

There are multiple price drop refund applications that you can consider using. Each of them works in a specific way to help you receive price drop refunds without you having to check if the price of an item you’ve bought has changed. 

Slice package- 

This price drop refund application is normally advertised as an application that tracks your packages instead of tracking prices. However, it does also monitor the fluctuation of prices. How it does that is by scanning your emails for the digital receipts you get when completing online purchases. 

When slice identifies a price drop, it will notify you of the price change. Slice package tracker lets you know of a price drop, this means that you’ll have to manually apply for the price drop refund after Slice notifies you of a price drop. 

If you would prefer not to go through the process manually, you can instead tell Slice to request the refund on your behalf.


This is a free application that protects your privacy well, it won’t sell your personal information. The application’s privacy policy is quite clear. It supports the most popular retailers and clients, the service can be paired with your Yahoo, Outlook, or Gmail accounts. To begin using the service you merely need to log in with an email service provider account for example Gmail.

The Paribus application can automatically request price drop refunds on your behalf. The app can ask for price drop refunds from some of the biggest retailers that offer price drop refunds. These include but aren’t limited to Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

 In addition to price drop refunds for goods purchased, Paribus can also get you a refund on the price you paid to stay at a hotel. For customers, it’s of great benefit since the prices of hotel stay change so rapidly. The application tracks the price fluctuations by comparing the price on the receipt in your mailbox to the current price listed online.


Earny is similar to Paribus in many respects. It also scans through your emails while only looking through the electronic receipts that you receive in your mailbox when making online purchases. In addition to going through your electronic receipt, the Earny application also tracks prices and automatically requests refunds for you. Earny’s automatic refund requests also extend to refunds for hotel stays. Earny is compatible with your Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo accounts.

Amazon has no price protection policy. However, that doesn’t stop Earny from getting you a refund on items purchased from Amazon, especially with how frequently their prices change. Using your credit card’s price protection, Earny can get you price drop refunds from Amazon. As beneficial as that sounds, it also means that Earny requires access to more sensitive information than Paribus. Though Earny is free, it does take 25% from the refunds it gets for you, that 25% will be billed monthly.


Price drop refund applications make the lives of customers easier, all while helping them save money in the process. Price drop refund applications are designed to automatically monitor the prices of online retailers so that you don’t have to. This also allows you to get your price drop refunds with minimal effort.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are they safe to use? Yes, price drop refund applications are both safe to use and convenient 
  2. Do I have to give them access to my emails?

To make use of any price drop application they need to have access to either your email or credit card information. It depends on the application.

Price Drop Refund App

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