Eddie Bauer Return Policy-Know More

If you’ve purchased items in any of your local stores, only to find out it wasn’t the particular one you wanted or even that you weren’t satisfied with its use, then you know what it feels to need a return or exchange. Here we will see about Eddie Bauer Return Policy

Lucky for you, whenever you purchase items from Eddie Bauer’s online or retail stores, there’s the chance to make returns or exchanges if you meet specific criteria.

Eddie Bauer Return Policy states that you’re only eligible to make returns within one year of purchasing the product.

Eddie Bauer Return Policy

What You Should Know About the Return Policy at Eddie Bauer?

The return policy of Eddie Bauer Stores is quite relaxing. Depending on the criteria, they give their customers options for a full or partial refund and exchange. Also, your returns are only accepted within a year of purchasing the items or products.

To be eligible for a refund, do any of the following:

• Have the receipt or bill you were given when you made the original purchase of the product you’re vying for a refund.

• Have the date you made the transaction for the product.

• Submit a copy of the sales cheque or the Adventures Rewards number.

With any of these, Eddie Bauer Stores will grant you a full refund according to your original payment method. The delivery fee and handling charges are excluded from this refund. 

What is your fate if you couldn’t meet any of the above criteria?

Eddie Bauer stores can give you a 50% refund of the item’s price if you do not have a receipt or can’t remember the date of the transaction.

How to make Exchanges at Eddie Bauer Stores

You’re given the option of exchanging the item you want to return with another one when you do not have a receipt to back your proof of payment. 

Exchanges cover similar products within the same price range or products that are the same but come in different colors or sizes.

Exchanges can be done through the physical store or the company’s website. 

If you’re shipping the item to Eddie Bauer’s Returns Department, you’d have to make a total return and re-order the new one. You do not get the new item until the store has received the one you’re returning to them. 

Products That Can be Exchanged at an Eddie Bauer Store?

Any product purchased at their retail stores, outlets, or even through online and phone sales is eligible for exchange. 

It is advised to make sure the store has the product you want to exchange your purchased item for. In cases where they don’t, the associate in the store can have it ordered and delivered to you.

Can I bring Damaged Items for Exchange at an Eddie Bauer Store?

Eddie Bauer Stores do not accept worn out, damaged, or used items for exchange.

In cases where the damage is a manufacturer’s fault, you’re to relay this to the associate so that they can look into it and take proper measures.

How to Return Eddie Bauer Items?

Two options are available to return items or products at Eddie Bauer Stores, just like exchanges.

i. Via Mail

ii. Using the physical store 

Through the Physical Store

Visit the physical store closest to you. Go to the customer service agent in the store and speak with them, or you can speak with an associate.

From there, you can follow up on the procedure they give you.

Making Returns Via Mail

This is preferable for products purchased through online or phone sales. First, create a returns label

1. Go to the Returning Online Orders page for the U.S. or Canadian market

2. Fill out the order number, e-mail address, and ZIP (Postal) code boxes

3. Hit the Start a Return button

4. Select the items you wish to send back

5. Choose the reason why you want to return the product

6. Confirm the order and click Continue

7. Check the I agree to the Return Policy checkbox and select Continue

8. Print the label and attach it to the parcel

After you’ve done this, then send the package to

Eddie Bauer Returns

6,759 Port Road

Groveport, OH 43,125


Eddie Bauer Stores accept returns and give you a full refund for an item you’re not satisfied with any more on the condition that it’s within one year of making the purchase and you have your receipt that shows proof of payment.

They also accept exchanges for customers who wish to do so or want to make returns and do not have receipts to back them up. Returns and exchanges can be made online and at their physical stores.

  • Can I return the Damaged Items?

Eddie Bauer Stores allows a return of damaged, used, or even worn out items for the fact there’s proof of payment.

  • What happens to me if I don’t have proof of payment for a return?

You can settle for an exchange, or you’ll be given a gift card. You can also be given a partial refund.

  • What Happens if my Return is Outside of the 365-day Plan?

When this happens, Eddie Bauer stores grant you a gift card as reimbursement. 

Eddie Bauer Return Policy-Know More

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