Ikea Price Match and Price Adjustment Policies

Shopping is not as easy a task as it seems! Be it spending hours in the scorching sun, or standing for hours- there are things about it that are simply not pleasant. One of the most disappointing aspects includes matching the prices of your favorite items with other stores and then seriously considering buying them. However, nowadays, stores have made things quite easy! Now, all you have to do is buy products from a store, and if the price of the same item drops at the same store or even in any other store that is a keen competitor, you can get cash back for the same! So now, without any delay, let us have a quick look at what Ikea price match and price adjustment policies have in store for you and the essentials that you need to be aware of.

Ikea Price Match and Price Adjustment Policies

Ikea Price Match and Price Adjustment Policies

When it comes to the price adjustment policy at Ikea, it is imperative to know that it is only in effect for 45 days after you buy the product. However, if you are an Ikea Family member, then it applies for 90 days! And since you will receive no notification from the store regarding this, it means that you will have to simply look for the said item. The moment the price is reduced, that’s your chance to receive the cashback! In addition to this, it is disappointing that Ikea does not price match its products with other stores. However, this is only because Ikea manufactures its items, and a price match policy would prove to be detrimental to its profits.

Price Match and Price Adjustment Policies: Are the Two Similar?

Before addressing your query regarding the price match and price adjustment policies at Ikea, let us first go through the stark difference between a price match and a price adjustment policy.

Price Match:

In a price match policy, stores tend to reduce the price of a certain product after knowing that their competitors are selling it for a lower price. For instance, Best Buy has a price match policy, wherein if you buy their product and later find out that the same item is offered at a lower price at Amazon or Dell, the store will give you a cashback for the price difference! However, you must make sure that the product is not identical but the same; the model name, model number, size, and color must be the same. 

Price Adjustment:

In a price adjustment policy, a store does not compete with any other stores. In this policy, for instance, if a customer buys one of Ikea’s products, and a few days later, finds out that the price of the same product has been reduced, then the store is bound to provide the price difference to the customer as cashback. Nevertheless, you must have proof of the price drop and be mindful that the product is not bought on holidays like Christmas or during sales.

Ikea: Everything You Need to Know About Price Adjustment Policy

Even though Ikea does not price match with other stores, it is a relief that the store offers price adjustments. So now, without further ado, let us cast a glance at Ikea’s price adjustment policy!

Price Receipt:

Once you find out that the price of the product you had bought earlier had been lowered, you need to be absolutely sure that you have the price receipt with you. Without your proof of purchase, the store cannot give you the price difference as cashback.

Time Limit:

When it comes to price adjustment and price match policies, it is obvious that stores offer time limits. In the case of Ikea’s price adjustment policy, the time limit is of 45 days. However, if you are an Ikea Family member, then you can make full use of the policy for 90 days! After the time limit is over, the store will not consider anything.

Proof of Price Reduction:

There are no two opinions on the fact that you have to provide proof to the store regarding the price drop. If you have purchased your item online, then you can show the employees the price of the same product online. Besides, you can also show them the current cost of the same product in the store itself.


For such policies to work, you need to be sure that the product is not simply identical but similar. This implies that both products must have the same model number, size, and color. If even one of these is different, you will not get a cashback.


There is no doubt that Ikea’s price adjustment policy has some exceptions. The exceptions to Ikea’s price adjustment policy include second-hand items sold at the store, modifications done to a product after buying it, custom-made products, bed linen such as sheets, pillows, and duvets, and products damaged due to improper mishandling by the customer. 


Although it is unfortunate that Ikea does not have a price match policy, the store does have a price adjustment policy! It is imperative to know how the two policies differ from each other. Nevertheless, by now, you must know all the ins and outs of Ikea’s price adjustment policy, be it knowing about the similarity of the products or the importance of price receipt, time limit, and price reduction proof! Moreover, now you must also know the exceptions to this policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What are some other stores that provide price match policies?

Stores like Home Depot, Best Buy, Dyson, Dell, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Lowes offer price matching.

  1. Can I go for a price adjustment at Ikea after 45 days?

Only if you have the Ikea Family subscription.

Ikea Price Match and Price Adjustment Policies

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