Does Cheddars Have Family Meals?

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen serves seafood, sandwiches, comfort food, chicken, alcoholic beverages, appetizers, etc. It gets called ‘Scratch’ because its founders thought that cooking from scratch means better taste, quality, quantity, and value. No coupons are required there. Let’s learn about ‘Does Cheddars Have Family Meals?’.

Does Cheddars Have Family Meals?

Does Cheddars Have Family Meals?

Cheddar’s has family meals that range from $5.29 to $34.99. These family bundles get considered pocket friendly by many families because it can be seen that the family meals get cheaper than multiple individual dishes for a family.

Cheddar’s Family Meals

The following are the family meals available at Cheddar’s:

Chicken Tender Bundle

Cost = $24.99

A classic Chicken Tender Platter has 1050 calories. But, One serving of Chicken Tender Bundle has 2590 calories. This bundle comes with a dipping sauce, 16 hand-breaded tenders, and croissants made of honey butter served in two dishes. It has 210mg cholesterol, total fat of 65g. This bundle pairs better with Hot Fudge Cake Sunday, Santa De Spinach Dip, or Honey Butter Croissants.

Gallon Lemonade

Cost = $5.29

This drink has 97% carbohydrates, 3% protein, 1690 calories, and no fat. Here, you will get a gallon of lemonade made with strawberry and raspberry. It may get paired with the Classic Cheesecake, Chips And Homemade Queso, or Honey Butter Croissants. However, these three together may cost you $13.77 more than the actual cost of the gallon.

Salmon And Tenders Bundle

Cost = $32.99

It has 47% fat, 24% protein, 29% carbohydrates, and 2900 calories. It gets served with six honey butter croissants, eight chicken tenders, and two pieces of salmon put on seasoned rice. You may also order Hot Fudge Cake Sunday and Santa Fe Spinach Dip with this bundle. The former costs $7.49 while the latter $8.29.

Family House Salad

Cost = $7.99

Families that do not want chicken can choose this bundle. It gets made up of croutons, fresh greens, carrots, cheese, tomatoes, salad, and diced egg. One serving contains 990 calories, 94% fat, 4% carbohydrates, 2% protein, and 90mg of cholesterol. You may also purchase Cheddar’s Legendary Monster Cookie, Santa Fe Spinach Dip, and Honey Butter Croissants.

Gallon Iced Tea

Cost = $5.29

One gallon of iced tea at Cheddar’s contains 1850 calories and 100% carbohydrates. Fat, protein, cholesterol, and dietary fiber are absent here. Think drink gets available in mango, raspberry, strawberry, and peach flavors. This drink may get paired with the same three pairings that you may order with Gallon Lemonade.

Grilled Salmon Bundle

Cost = $34.99

Cheddar’s serves Atlantic salmon that gets farmed sustainably. One serving of the Grilled Salmon Bundle contains 42% carbohydrate, 35% fat, 23% protein, 2080 calories, and 295mg of cholesterol. You will get four salmon fillets weighing five ounces kept on seasoned rice. They also get served with honey butter croissants and bourbon glaze. This bundle may go well with extra dishes such as Santa Fe Spinach Dip and Hot Fudge Sunday Cake.

Saving Money At Cheddar’s

Side House Salad costs $3.79, and Family House Salad costs $7.99. Similarly, Grilled Salmon costs $13.29, but the bundle costs $34.99. The family meals may cost you more if you are the only person to pay for the bundles.

So, the following are some ways to save more at Cheddar’s:

Go For The Cheaper Dishes

Most dishes made from scratch are cheaper. For instance, French fries, seasoned rice, red beans and rice, and buttered corn cost $2.79. Food items on the kids’ menu cost between $4 and $5. Similarly, beverages, sandwiches, soups, and salads (without chicken) are quite cheaper than the other food items.

Go For Coupons

Honey butter croissants may get frequently served for free. Cheddar’s deals and coupons will help you to get at most 80% off as of September 2022. For instance, Country Fried Steak gets available at cheddar’s for $11.99, but coupons may help you to get it from $9.9.

Member-only Offers

Cheddar provides offers and cooking tips only for the members of its eClub. You may join the same through its official website after going through the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Customer Reviews For Cheddar’s Family Meals

Customers that did not visit Cheddar’s for a while will find new items added to the menu. Many customers consider these family bundles pocket-friendly with a great experience. Health-conscious customers may order the Blackened Salmon Salad.

They found that many dishes get served with honey butter croissants. The waiters are terrific. Some families find the Chicken Tender Bundle tasty. It contains honey mustard, green beans, and coleslaw.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Does Cheddars Have Family Meals?’, You may search for the nearest Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen online. It is present in 28 states with more than 170 locations. You may visit there alone or with your family from 11 AM to 10 PM from Monday to Saturday and 10:30 AM to 10 PM on Sunday. This restaurant gets suitable for families on a budget. You may order individual meals or family bundles mentioned in this article.

Does Cheddars Have Family Meals?

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