IKEA Bed Weight Limits- Find More About It

IKEA is known for affordable and variety of furniture for different purposes. They ensure to give details of their products including weight limits, so customers can easily find what suits their needs. With beds, IKEA manufactures a variety for kids and adults with different weight limits, and we will discuss them below. Continue reading and learn about ‘IKEA Bed Weight Limits’.

IKEA Bed Weight Limits

IKEA Bed Weight Limits

The weight limit for IKEA beds is; 250 pounds for Hemnes day bed, 500 pounds for the Malm, Brimnes, stora, and mydal beds, and 100 pounds for the Kura bed. There is no information on IKEA showing the weight limit for their single King and queen-size bed, customers who have bought them signified that they hold two adults with a combined weight of 550 pounds.

How sturdy are IKEA beds?

IKEA has been in the furniture business for over 60 years, and for a company like them to scale through the competitive business, it seems they are doing something right. While IKEA ensures its best to provide good beds at affordable prices, this comes at the cost of durability and quality. How long an IKEA bed will last does not depend solely on the quality of the product, but the owner’s maintenance plays a major role.

When you ignore loose rails, moving slats, flexing legs, or loose headboards will create squeaking noise and even cause the bed to sag or break over time. 

The truth is this; IKEA uses average materials to make most of their beds in order to make them available for customers at a fair price. For this reason, it is important to adhere to the weight limit when making a purchase. With proper maintenance, the IKEA bed can last you for about ten years.

The weight limit for the IKEA Kura bed

The IKEA Kura bed is a single bunk bed for kids that is customizable to fit their growing size by turning the bed upside down to convert it from a high to a low to a high bed. The Kura bed has fiberboard panels, a base frame, and bed base slats made from wood pine. As a result, it can hold a maximum weight of 220 pounds.

The weight limit for IKEA Loft and bunk bed

IKEA’s bunk beds are either metal or wooden. Since the beds feature tall supports, the weight limit for the top and bottom beds is 220 pounds each.

The IKEA loft bed is almost like the bunk bed but comes in wood, metal, or wooden options. Like the bunk beds, some loft beds have storage features on the bottom, and the maximum weight limit is 220 pounds. 

The weight limit for the IKEA Malm bed

The slats and beams on IKEA’s Malm bed make it one of the sturdiest beds that IKEA produces. Although they didn’t mention the weight limit, customers who have used it reviewed that the bed supports two adults with a combined weight of 500 to 550 pounds. 

The weight limit for IKEA Idanas bed

This bed has a stylish build that will complement most minimalist bedrooms, though, the leg support limits its maximum weight limit to 220 pounds.

The weight limit for other IKEA beds

All IKEA’S single, double, King, and queen-size, Divan, and storage beds have a maximum weight limit of 500 to 550 pounds.

 Exceeding the weight limit we discussed above will affect the durability of the bed. Also, jumping on the bed is one of the fastest ways to break the bed, and even though IKEA beds come with a warranty, lack of maintenance on your part will attract a fee to have it fixed by them.

How much do IKEA beds cost?

The cost of an IKEA bed depends on which type you want, the material used, and the size. Generally, the average minimum cost for an IKEA bed is about $170 for simple beds, and the price can be as high as $1200 for more elaborate beds. 

Bottom line

Apart from the loft and bunk beds, which IKEA has recommended 220 pounds as their maximum weight limit, other bed varieties do not come with a weight recommendation on IKEA. Notwithstanding, we have stated 550 pounds to be the maximum weight limit for these beds because of the materials used for their construction. So, unless IKEA manufactures a new bed that is constructed from a thousand year ok or other durable hardwoods like mahogany, walnut, and maple, you should adhere to the weight limits of these beds to prevent injuries to yourself and cause damage to the bed.

  • Can I set up my IKEA bed by myself?

Yes, you can do it alone following the step-by-step instructions in the included manual, but having an extra hand or two will make the process easier and quicker.

  • Must I use an IKEA mattress on my IKEA bed?

No, you mustn’t. You can set any mattress on your IKEA, but ensure that their sizes correspond. Check the size of your bed and use the measurement to buy the right mattress.

IKEA Bed Weight Limits- Find More About It

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