How To Get W2 From Family Dollar?

Being an employee you get your monthly salary and there are some deductions in your salary such as Provident Fund (PF), Income Tax, etc. Hence to be aware of all these transactions and deductions you need certain forms which cover all the details of your income and taxes. W2 is a form that examines an employee’s salary details to evaluate if the employee must pay extra taxes or receive a full refund. In this article, we are going to find out How to Get a W2 from Family Dollar? If you are seeking the answer to this question, please continue reading.

How To Get W2 From Family Dollar?

What is W2?

At the end of every year, employers must give the W-2 form to employees and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The W-2 form is the authorized Wage and Tax Statement that shows annual salary wages as well as the rate of tax deducted from employee’s payroll. The employer must send a W-2 Wage and Tax Statement in January or early February each year, detailing the amount their employees have earned the last year, how much ended up going to taxation, and how much went to federal income taxes.

Form W-2 is one of the forms that the taxpayer is not required to complete because your employer gives all of the details on the form. Your employer is required to send the Form W-2 to you, the IRS, and your government by January 31 or confront W2 filing fines. 

Please be mindful that one must include a copy of their Form W-2 with the tax filing. When one e-file with TaxAct, the Form W-2 details is sent with the tax filing, if an individual files the tax return by post, however, one must provide a copy with the filing.

Furthermore, A Form W-2 is not received by every taxpayer. Form 1099-NEC, another type of factual return for “non-employee remuneration,” is issued to freelancers and private contractors. This form is fresh because all income generated by private contractors or freelancers in previous years was disclosed on Form 1099-MISC. The 1099 returns for investment earnings include capital gains, dividend income, and interest – all of which are considered revenue.

What is a Family Dollar?

Family Dollar is a series of convenience stores in the United States. It was the second-biggest retailer of its kind in the United States with over 8,000 spots in all regions except Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington until it was taken over by Dollar Tree in 2015 and its head office activities were relocated to Chesapeake, Virginia, situated in South Hampton Roads.

How to Get W2 from Family Dollar?

An individual can obtain their W-2 form online by going to and going to the Team Member page. Select the My Online Pay Stubs and W-2 option. If you signing up for the first time please follow the steps mentioned below:

1.  Insert your User ID. It is your own Social Security Number (SSN), without hyphens.

2. Type in your password. Please note that the password for the very first time you sign in is your last name in UPPER CASE and the last 4 numbers of your SSN. For instance, if your name is Jane Walter and your Social Security number is 123-45-0101, your password would be “WALTER0101.”

3. Click the login button.

Creating Security Questions and Changing the Password:

1. From the menu bar, choose a question and fill in your answer.

2. Press the Save button. Choose your next question, answer it, and save the work till you have accomplished 5 questions.

3. Enter your previous password. Enter the password you had to use the first time you registered: last name + last four numbers of your SSN.

4. Type in your fresh password, the new password should contain at least 6 characters and at least one digit. The case of your password is important.

5. Re-enter your new password to verify.

6. Type in your email address. This can be either your personal or business email account.

7. Press the Save Information button. The new password will be activated once the details are saved.

Also, if one does not accurately enter or accomplish all of the details, you will receive an alert signal indicating what needs to be rectified. Follow the steps outlined above to add any incomplete sections, and save the work.

W-2 Statements: View, Print, and Subscribe

Upon successful authentication, select the W-2 tab, to see the statement and to print.

1. From the W-2 button, tap the blue arrow to the right. Tap the View button beside the W-2 you want to see. Users will be asked to enter their Social Security number.

2. Again from the File menu, choose Print or tap on the printer symbol. W-2 Electronic Delivery: Subscribe or opt-in. On the home page of the W-2, tap the Click here link, and complete steps 1-4 as specified on the form. When you’re done, click the Save Opt-In tab.

3. Once you save, a pop-up message will be displayed informing you that a validation code is needed to finish the procedure. This code is sent to the email-id. Click the OK button.

4. Please Validate  Your Email screen will open, where you can insert the code that was emailed to you -OR- press Bypass Validation.Users can alter the W-2 choices at any time by clicking the “Change W-2” tab and continuing the online instructions. W-2s will be kept in the system and available to you for seven years.


W-2 forms are a crucial component of several people’s tax planning because they notify salary paid and deductions by a company during a year. The benefit of the W2 form is that there is no need to fill this form; you simply get it from your employer and use it. To obtain the W2 from Family Dollar, you can log in to their websites and follow the instructions provided in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I obtain my W2 from Family Dollar online?

Ans: You can obtain your paystub and W-2 form online by visiting and going to the Team Member section.

2. How do I get in touch with Family Dollar’s human resources?

Ans: The Human Resources Service Center can be reached at 1-800-547-0359, extension 5863 or 5851. The hotline number is 1-800-932-5378.

3.  Which bank does Family Dollar work with?

Ans: The Family Dollar works with Bancorp Bank is a bank.

4. What is the importance of W2?

Ans:  The W-2 form is crucial since it analyses a worker’s salary data and identifies if the person must pay extra taxes or receives a refund.

How To Get W2 From Family Dollar?

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