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A lot of people love a house with beautiful and matching house decorations ranging from the wallpaper, and curtains then down to the most important item which is the furniture. Everybody adores nicely built furniture with quality materials, especially when it gives you that classy and comfy feeling. Ikea has proven to be the best place where you get fine furniture, particularly for people that are looking to buy that perfect furniture that compliments every other decoration in the house, especially when the pieces of furniture are durable and can be used to carry out your daily tasks. Let us know about “Does Ikea Furniture Come With Tools?”

Does Ikea Furniture Come With Tools?

Does Ikea Furniture Come With A Tool?

Yes, Ikea gives you important tools that you will need in assembling your furniture. Ikea is very different from other furniture stores because you are the person who will assemble your furniture by yourself. Ikea gives you the pieces of deconstructed furniture and also gives you the basic tools you need for assembling your furniture so that you do not need to worry even if you do not have the major tools you need for assembling your piece of furniture

The Basic Tools Ikea Provides For You

Ikea Provides you with some of the main tools that you will need for assembling your furniture, which include:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Wrenches

Ikea gives you the hardware that you will need to set up your furniture because they know if this hardware is not provided by them for you so that you can finally set up the piece of furniture, then it will seem as if they are not a furniture company, but a company that sells wood for customers to construct the piece of furniture themselves. They ensure to provide customers with hardware such as

  • Screw
  • Bolt
  • Nut

Tools That Are Needed For Assembling Your Furniture That Is Not Provided By Ikea

Ikea provides you with the important tools needed for assembling your furniture but Ikea still recommends to you some of the tools that you will need for setting up a particular piece of furniture that is not included in the tools you will get when you buy the deconstructed pieces of the furniture. It is also important to know that sometimes the size or how expensive the piece of furniture will cost is what will determine the personal tools you need to have to set the piece of furniture up. If you need to set up a shelve you will need to have these extra tools:

  • Hammer
  • Power Drill
  • Spirit level: this is a tool used to ensure that your shelves are properly sitting straight on the wall
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

These are tools needed to ensure that your furniture is properly set up which Ikea will not provide for you. Ikea tells you the additional tools you will be needing for different furniture setups.


Ikea is one of the best furniture stores to trust at any time as they provide you with the tools you need to comfortably set up that nice furniture you bought exactly how you want it. Ikea allows its customers to be aware of the tools they will find in every piece of furniture they buy and advises them on the extra tools they will need to finally set up their furniture. All this information can be found on their website by customers even before buying a piece of furniture. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the tools given by Ikea for furniture assemblage of high quality?

No, the tools are most times of very low quality because the tools are only needed for assembling the deconstructed pieces of furniture for just that one time.

Can I get affordable and quality furniture at Ikea stores?

Yes, Ikea is famous for selling affordable and cheap furniture. Ikea furniture stores are among the few furniture stores in the US that provide their customers with furniture made from the finest and quality materials which come in deconstructed pieces, thereby allowing their customers to assemble this furniture themselves with some provided basic tools. 

Do customers get a warranty on furniture they purchase from Ikea stores?

Yes, Ikea gives a warranty on furniture purchased from their different stores. Ikea warranties on any purchase done by customers from their stores will start from the day the item was purchased from their store. Ikea advises customers to keep the original receipt of the furniture they purchased which may be needed by Ikea for customers’ complaints  

How do I activate my Ikea warranty?

You will have to contact one of the local Ikea stores near you. To find the right phone number and address of the Ikea store you can check on the Ikea website or you can check in the Ikea catalog you will find in your purchased item. You will need your item receipt as proof to activate your limited warranty after you contact Ikea. 

Does Ikea Furniture Come With Tools? -Know More

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