Is Aldi Coming To Canada?    


Expansion of grocery stores is a complete hassle of a process, especially since moving into new countries requires a whole new set of skills that many chains of stores are not capable of. The famous Germany-based Aldi supermarket chain is expanding for the last 30 years, in 1970 they established their first chain of stores in North America and now they have about 2000 stores there. Aldi might surprise its customers by sudden migration to Canada but as of 2022, it does not have any plan to open any store in Canada. Market experts have predicted that in future, Aldi will expand in Canada, but there is no official statement regarding this issue from Aldi’s top management.

Is Aldi Coming To Canada?

Hope to See Aldi in Canada by 2022:

It is not planning to open its branch in Canada or any Canadian cities. The public is expecting, It will soon come to Canada due to its widespread business expansion in different regions. Although there are huge expectations regarding its opening to Canada, however, there are no announcements or concrete steps by management about this topic.

Reason Why Aldi is Not Opening Its Stores in Canada?

  • It is the top supermarket brand in the U.S. bargain market, but it seems like Aldi is not interested in opening its stores in Canada.
  • Entry stockings and customers’ kitchen requirements are the attractive ideas behind Aldi’s business concept. Due to its stable price range, Aldi can operate in the United States in comparison to region-based smaller businesses.
  • About 40% of Canadian citizens shop for their food-based necessities from cheap supermarkets. It seems very hard to impress Canadian people than the American public when they shop from Aldi as they are habitual of paying more for their groceries in the United States. 
  • The regional geography is the major factor and reason why Aldi hasn’t shown any sign of opening to Canada. According to Canadian, there is a scarcity of reasonably priced real estate dealers in the country.
  • Aldi has serious conditions regarding its store’s placement, and it has mentioned them on its website. The dedication of Aldi in keeping the operation prices less than compared to competitors, so Aldi, s budget does not allow it to move to a new marketplace where they are not sure about its success.
  • In terms of sourcing its employees, it seems like Aldi is taking lessons from its rival Lidl. Lidl also took a long time in establishing a Mississauga headquarters, choose different site options, and hiring of new staff.

Do Canadians Want to Shop from Aldi?

In Canada grocery stores sell domestic items at a discounted rate, so Canadian do not want Aldi due to its hype factory’s greatness. Once a shop shopper from the that Aisle Facebook group stated that she went to an Aldi store in the U.S. she belongs to Canada. Amid covid crisis, it is not possible to do so. Another commenter said that they are eagerly waiting to have Aldi in Canada. Aldi finds may prove helpful here, Aldi finds for example inflatable outdoor seats, character pet beds, and exercise bikes are available at reasonable prices at Aldi.

Best Locations in Canada Where Aldi Might Open Its Stores: 

Starting with larger cities like Vancouver, and Toronto let’s analyze Aldi, s response. Approximately 10.5 million people live in both countries. Aldi, s first foray is expected to be concentrated in Canada’s major metropolitan cities and comparison with the United States where 36 individuals are per square mile only four persons are per square mile in Canada.

Online Aldi delivery in Canada:

It has not yet entered the market of Canada. Although, if you need the Aldi products at your doorstep, the process is quite a hassle as Aldi does not ship directly to Canada. However, you can still order things from Aldi. Here’s how: 

  • Get a real US address or ask a friend to let you use their US address 
  • Order your favorite items from Aldi at that address 
  • Once your friend has received the parcel, ask them to deliver this parcel to your Canadian address. 

The process is full of hassle, but this way, you can order items from there. 


For now, there is no authentic news or words from Aldi officials about the opening of any of their stores in Canada. The business of Aldi is expanding in America but as of now, they are simply not interested in Canada. In Canada discounted grocery stores are located throughout the country so Aldi is not sure about its success in Canada. There are chances of Aldi coming to Canada but it will take some time to prepare for the discount-driven Canadian market. In major cities, they can open their stores.


Q1: Who are Aldi’s competitors in Canada? 

Ans: Walmart, Woolworth Markets, Coles Supermarket, and Lidl’s are some of the big competitors in the market for Aldi. 

Q2: Does Aldi deliver to Canada? 

Ans: No, They do not deliver/ship directly to Canada. But you can get it shipped through someone who lives in the US. 

Is Aldi Coming To Canada?    

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