Does Macy’s Give A Military Discount?

Macy’s is a high-end retail store, based in the United States. Macy’s came into inception in 1858, and it started having sub-divisions in 1994. Macy’s has affiliations with some popular stores, like Bloomingdale. Macy’s is owned by Rowland Macey and the chain of retail stores was incorporated and renamed in 2007. It is generally now known as Macy’s Holdings. In 2015, Macy’s was selected as one of the largest retail stores in the United States. Let’s learn about ‘Does Macy’s Give A Military Discount?’.

Does Macy’s Give A Military Discount?

Does Macy’s give a Military discount?

For the veterans and their relations wondering if Macy’s gives discounts, well they do. They give military discounts, but there are some specific caveats emptor attached. They give a 10% discount if you visit their walk-in store, and it is available on only the first Tuesday of each month. There are different ways you can redeem this discount and also save on all your purchase at Macy’s. 

How to Claim Macy’s Military Discount? 

To the veterans, you can only claim this discount once a month and that is the first Tuesday of every month. Once you do not claim this discount on a specific day, you would have to wait for the next month to enjoy this benefit again. It is open to only the military and not civilians. Though these stringent conditions make it difficult to claim the discount. This does not mean it does not exist and cannot be utilized. 

When you want to check out, you just give them your military ID card and the discount would be included. There are instances where the discount rate goes up. So if you are military personnel and you have a card with Macy’s, you can enjoy a discount of up to 15% in some instances. For the non-military folks, there are also discount packages available for everyone to enjoy. There are different ways Macy’s considers its customers. 

Macy’s Discount Option

There are different discount options available for you to select from. They are all in different percentages, and there are different factor conditions to be met for you to enjoy these discounts. People have asked how Macy’s benefits from giving these juicy discounts. It helps them to build customer loyalty and also retain its customers. Here are some of the options available. 

Email Newsletter

You can sign up for Macy’s Newsletter to get a 25% discount on your next shopping at Macy’s. Unlike the military discount. The Email Newsletter discount can be recouped online. This can be done in less than a minute. You just fill out the required details on the form and you are good to go. You would be provided with the coupon code to redeem your discount. 

Periodic Sales

There are different sales and discount options available to customers throughout the year. These sales are often stringed to an important holiday or season to give the customers a sense of belonging. It could be the Black Friday, Easter, or Christmas clearance sales. This helps put the customers into consideration and provides reasonable discounts to help them shop and retain their loyalty. 


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Does Macy’s Give A Military Discount?’, If you carefully carry out your research, you would find conflicting answers about whether Macy’s gives military discounts or not. Macy’s gives Military discounts, but it is a bit difficult to claim. It must be claimed on a particular day of the month and if that is missed, you would have to wait for the new month. If you are a military personnel, you can always enjoy the other numerous discounts available at Macy’s. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there non-military discounts at Macy’s?

Most retail chain stores have multiple discount and savings packages that they run for their customers. Regardless of whether you are military or non-military personnel, there is always something for you at Macy’s.

  • What types of Coupons are available at Macy’s?

There are different coupons available for you to redeem at Macy’s. There are walk-in and online discounts. Whichever you choose to leverage depends on your preference. If you can verify the coupon, it means it is available to be redeemed. 

  • Does Macy’s do Clearance Sales?

There are numerous items marked down, and those available for clearance sales. They are always cheaper than buying the original items, and they are always in perfect working condition. You can pick up amazing household items, jewelry, and makeup at ridiculously low prices. This helps Macy’s get rid of some stock without destroying them and also builds consumer loyalty. 

  • What types of items are sold on Macy’s Military discount?

You can get every household item you can think of from Macy’s. You would get items ranging from clothing materials, backpacks, fashion accessories, jewelry, food items, and many more. The discount can get as high as 25%. This would help you save some huge bucks on your next purchase at Macy’s. You just have to present the attendant with your military ID card. However, you should remember that this is for some specific days. 

Does Macy’s Give A Military Discount?

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