Does Money Mart Buy Gift Cards?

Gift cards are one of the fastest ways of getting cash. Money Mart is a financial enterprise that provides financial services to its ever-expanding clientele. They have over 500 branches spread across the United States and Canada. Some of the services you would enjoy at Money Mart includes; prepaid cards, loans, money transfer services, gift card redemption, and many more. They also provide online services since the world is now going digital. Let us know more detail about ‘Does Money Mart Buy Gift Cards?’.

Does Money Mart Buy Gift Cards?

Does Money Mart Buy Gift Cards?

Yes, they redeem gift cards, but eyebrows have been raised regarding the fiscal rate that they give to their customers. Money Mart redeems gift cards as a way to provide fast cash to its customers. Most customers get these cards from charitable institutions. Instead of using gift cards to purchase groceries, some people would rather redeem them for cash. Although Money Mart offers this service, the rate they give their customers is ridiculously low. They give 50% of the worth of the gift card you are redeeming. 

Money Mart Gift Card Deals

Money Mart is not the only financial institution that proffers Gift Card services to users. However, concerns have been raised that Money Mart uses this opportunity to exploit the helpless masses. Most of the individuals that come to redeem the Gift Cards are vulnerable, and they are often at the mercy of the financial provider.  Money Mart thinks that they are offering convenience and value to their customers by providing Gift Card redemption services. However, the recipients of these services claim that they are getting ripped off because 50% face value is not a reasonable return for their Gift Cards. 

Way to get Gift Cards

There are different charitable organizations available, and they extend their helping hand by giving out gift cards and coupons to individuals that require aid in society. Apart from these institutions, some retail stores also give out Gift Cards to help build and improve customer loyalty. These gift cards can be used to shop, but some folks prefer having cash to Gift Cards. So instead of having Gift Cards that do not have a specific financial face value, they would rather exchange such coupons for cash. 

This is where Money Mart and other financial providers come in. Yes, the market is a bit controversial but it can be said that Money Mart is taking all the risk, so they have the right to charge the rate they feel is realistic. Other financial institutions provide similar services, so if you are not content with the rate you get at Money Mart, you can utilize other institutions to get favorable rates. 

Where to sell your Gift Cards?

Apart from Money Mart, there are multiple Gift Card resellers that you can sell your cards to. They would help you convert your unwanted cards to cash. Though it is possible you would not receive the exact returns as the worth of the Gift Cards. It is better you get some potential value than nothing at all. Though not all store Gift Cards can be resold. While some of these stores allow resale only through authorized vendors. Here are some of the top gift card retailers you can sell your gift cards to; Raise, eBay, CardCash, Checkintocash, and PLS. 


There are different ways to redeem your gift cards, you can make your research on the multiple retailers available that you can utilize. If you do not want to sell because of the low fiscal value that might accrue to you. You can always give them out, or donate them to underprivileged individuals. Your unused gift cards can also be turned into airline miles. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Does Money Mart have a favorable redemption rate?

There have been multiple complaints about the rate that Money Mart gives their clients. Money Mart claims that the rate is favorable because they absorb all the risks involved in the transaction. They give 50% of the face value, though clients claim this is not feasible. There are multiple platforms you can use but Money Mart is more trusted. 

  • Where can I get Gift Cards?

As the name implies, gift cards are gift items given to friends and families. They come from friends and families, charitable organizations, and well-meaning individuals. Gift Cards and Coupons are given by some retail chain stores to help build customer loyalty and also ensure that they get referrals from friends and family members. 

  • Has Money Mart stopped buying Gift Cards?   

There have been some speculations that Money Mart has stopped buying gift cards. This is due to the controversy surrounding their redemption rate. There have been clamors that the rate should be increased. However, Money Mart thinks that if they give in to these claims, they would run at a loss. This might cause them to eventually discard the service. 

Does Money Mart Buy Gift Cards?

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