Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards At Whole Foods?


In 2017, Amazon acquired Whole Foods, and this changed the dynamics of grocery shopping. Most major news outlets think that this is the big break that the industry deserves. Whole food is a popular brand and this is because they offer top-notch quality, natural and organic foods. Amazon’s collaboration with Whole Foods made it easy to capitalize on its goodwill to transit seamlessly into the industry. Let us know can you use Amazon gift cards at whole foods and Amazon Prime benefits at whole Foods in this article.

Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards At Whole Foods?

Can you use Amazon gift cards at whole foods?

The answer is no, but Prime works.Most folks thought that the collaboration should make it easy to shop at Whole Foods using Amazon gift cards and some amazon payment methods. However, this is not true. Amazon’s gift card can be used on either the web page or the app. For users with Amazon Membership, there are other benefits you would enjoy when you shop at Whole Foods. Amazon Gift Cards are not among those benefits. 

Amazon Prime Benefits at Whole Foods

The collaboration between Amazon and Whole Foods has its advantages. Those that have been benefitting hugely from this collaboration, are the premium subscribers that have Amazon Prime accounts. Here is a list of some of the benefits you can enjoy if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. 


There are some locations in the United States and Canada where grocery delivery is applicable. You can make your inquiries with Alexa, about the exclusive offer for Amazon prime holders. To enjoy this deal, you need to download the application, scan the QR code, and follow the outlined steps. You get a 2-hour free delivery as applicable to your ZIP Code. 

Extra Savings Deals

There are some items in Whole Foods that you can enjoy some savings deals on. If you see any product marked with a yellow insignia, it means that you can get a 10% discount on that item. There are instances where you would see a blue insignia, this means that the discount on that product is only available to Amazon Prime holders. 

Stores accepting Amazon gift cards

This is a common interest among shoppers. Apart from Amazon, you cannot use your Amazon Gift Cards in any other store whether online or walk-in. The only store you can use Amazon Gift Cards is Amazon. You can use the cards online or on their application. There is no limit to what you can purchase online from Amazon. Though there are some limitations as to how these cards can be used. 

Since no third-party store or vendor can help you make use of your Amazon Gift Cards, the only available options you have is to other give them out as a gift also, or redeem it for cash. Some financial institutions can help you redeem your gift card. However, you can be certain that you would not be getting the exact amount of the gift card. You cannot repurchase other gift cards with the card.  

Purchasing Amazon Gift Cards

There are different ways you can get an Amazon gift card, it can be given to you as a gift, and you can also buy it as a gift for your loved ones. The gift cards are available in these denominations; $10, $25, $50, and $100. You can buy as much as you need, but the cards can only be bought on Amazon’s official webpage. 


Though it is impossible to use an amazon card at whole foods, this does not mean you should deprive yourself of the benefits that you would enjoy from shopping at Whole Foods, because the benefits are numerous. Although the stringent conditions are not limited to Whole Foods. You cannot use Amazon Gift Cards in any other retail store. It is either use on Amazon’s official webpage or redeem for cash. Different financial institutions offer this service. 

Frequently asked questions

1.How do I redeem my Amazon Gift Cards?

There are 2 official methods to redeem your Amazon Gift Cards. You can either do this through their web page or make use of their application. There is also the option of converting cards for cash if you have an e-card, there would be a claim code in the mail that was sent to you. 

2.Do Amazon Gift Cards have an expiration date?
They never expire. After you have redeemed the card if you did not exhaust the balance. You can always return and use it at your own pace. This prevents you from worrying about the expiry date. These factor conditions are for only those in the United States. 

3.Can you use Amazon Gift cards in other retail stores?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to use Amazon gift cards in other retail stores. If you have an Amazon gift card, you can only use them on Amazon’s online store or the application. You cannot use the card in Wendy’s, Target, Footlocker, and Walmart. 

Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards At Whole Foods?

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